CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction

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CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction

Today, we’re talking about CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction, which means we’re here to discuss fat.

Sometimes, fat is stubborn. Like the determined toddler who keeps throwing him or herself to the floor to get what they want, no amount of ignoring, coaxing, or common sense seems to work. It defies all logic.

The Struggle

It’s real.

You exercise regularly. You have the gym membership and the FitBit log to prove it. You had a powwow with a personal trainer to discuss the fat deposits you just can’t shed. The fat that’s kicking and screaming like that toddler with every workout just won’t give. And the neighbors can attest to your consistently taking that miles-long jog or walk. But the fat that lingers on the back of your arms, in between your thighs, and along your back and abdomen just won’t fade.

You eat right, too. Your husband (or wife) can still be heard grumbling about the lack of junk food in the cupboard. Clean eating, fresh eating, green eating, cleanses, fad diets, meal replacement shakes – you’ve done it all. Despite grudgingly downing foods you dislike – foods that remind you of the ones that kept you stuck at the table as a child because mom said you had to finish everything on your plate – you’re not seeing positive results in the mirror. These foods are apparently the secret ingredient to fat loss, and while your doctor is raving about your great strides in a healthy lifestyle, you just want to look in the mirror and not see a muffin top (or bra fat) peeking out from your favorite outfits.

So what can you do about it? How about we start with what you don’t have to do?

Liposuction Is Not the Only Option

The traditional approach to ridding the body of stubborn fat is liposuction. A cosmetic surgery, liposuction involves going under the knife to have fat deposits broken down and “sucked” out. It’s the most common cosmetic surgery in both America and the United Kingdom.

As a procedure, liposuction is purely cosmetic. It is not a weight-loss method, nor is it an obesity treatment. It does not remove cellulite, dimples, or stretch marks.

Many risks accompany liposuction. Since is it an invasive surgery performed using anesthesia, basic surgical risks (and costs) are factors. Risks of infection and scarring are also present. Recommended recovery time after surgery is at least one week, sometimes two.

CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction

If you can relate to the dilemma described at the outset of this blog, then CoolSculpting may be for you. CoolSculpting has the best results for patients who have diet and exercise resistant areas of fat that they would like to eliminate. As compared to liposuction (an invasive surgery), CoolSculpting is non-surgical, has none of the associated risks of surgery, and has no prescribed downtime.

You don’t have to continue fighting stubborn fat. There is a solution. Find out if you’re a good candidate for CoolSculpting today by contacting us, or learn more about it first by reading What Is CoolSculpting?

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Leon Garber, CEO

Written By Leon Garber, CEO

Leon Garber, CEO
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