Acne Treatment in Hampton Roads

What is Acne?

Acne occurs when the body produces too much oil and sebum from the sebaceous glands, and the pores become clogged with debris, which is mainly the patient’s own dead epidermal cells. Then the p. acne bacteria thrives inside these clogged pores causing an infection that results in a red pustule or lesion.

Dermacare Hampton Roads offers solutions that calm the sebaceous glands so they can produce less oil and sebum. We also strip away the dead epidermal cells, cleaning out the pores and preventing new clogs as the primary debris eliminated. Finally, our acne focused treatments also help to kill the p. acne bacteria so that cause of the infection itself is greatly reduced.

Dermacare offers multiple treatment options for controlling acne. Generally speaking, light chemical peels and deep cleansing facials are used to calm and unclog the glands, and strip away the dead cells. BLU-U light therapy kills the p. acnes bacteria. The Sciton BBLs Acne treatments are used to kill the p. acnes bacteria and significantly reduce inflammation.

An individualized treatment plan, dependent on several factors (severity and type of acne, skin type, medical history, patient’s lifestyle, etc.) will be developed by our team of medical professionals and aestheticians led by Carrie Labert, PA-C, our dermatology focused Physician Assistant, to provide the patient with optimal results. This plan may include a combination of the treatments mentioned above along with one of our prescription strength “take home care” lines from Image Skincare or SkinMedica. Acne scarring is best reduced by stronger chemical peels, post-treatment medical DermaSweep microdermabrasion, Halo laser treatments, SkinPen microneedling treatments,  Laser Genesis or a combination of treatments and products.

We will be with you each step of the way to achieve clearer, brighter skin. Dermacare offers two very comprehensive programs designed to combat acne and the scarring sometimes associated with acne -the Dermacare Difference Acne Program and the Dermacare Difference Gold Acne Program.

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