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We all want to maintain a youthful look for as long as we can. But fine lines and wrinkles inevitably appear as we get older. Once those smile or frown lines and fine wrinkles around your eyes show up, they’ll become more noticeable over time – especially if they’re left untreated. If you’re looking to reduce their appearance, our BOTOX® Virginia Beach treatment could be your answer.

The Skin Care Professionals at Dermacare of Hampton Roads medical spa in Virginia Beach are cosmetic services experts who can deliver BOTOX® treatments to give you the refreshed and revitalized facial expression and youthful appearance you want.

What are BOTOX® Cosmetic & Dysport?

BOTOX® and Dysport are very similar. Both are a type of botulinum type A used to relax the muscles that cause frown lines and other over active muscles of the face, like forehead lines and crow’s feet.  Both have been in use for years and have a high safety profile, and both can be used on other parts of the face and body.

At Dermacare, the cost for Dysport and BOTOX® is approximately the same & both must be injected every 3-6 months.  Both show similar efficacy and side effects, and in most double-blind clinical studies, the patient and the doctor were unable to tell the results apart.

Differences: BOTOX® versus Dysport

There has been much discussion amongst cosmetic medical practitioners about the differences between BOTOX® and Dysport, or IF there is any difference. Here are the main differences:

Dysport may not last quite as long (duration of efficacy).  This is still being debated and studied;

Dysport has a slightly quicker onset (2-5 days vs 4-7 days for BOTOX®);

Dysport diffuses more (i.e., spreads to a wider area).  This is an advantage in some areas of the face and a disadvantage in others.

As always, injection technique is more important than the product injected!  Ultimately, it is far more important WHO is injecting your BOTOX® or Dysport, than which of these two products you are using. BOTOX®/Dysport mistakes and bad results are made by people, not the product.

Our cosmetic injectors have a combined 40 years of experience injecting BOTOX® and Dysport.  They continually receive advanced continuing education and training.  Pick the best injectors and they’ll ensure you get the right product injected into exactly the right place

What Cosmetic Issues Can BOTOX® Injections Help With?

BOTOX® has been used to treat a variety of minor cosmetic issues for more than two decades. Our professionals can provide these injectable treatments to help you achieve more youthful, relaxed facial features.

  • Facial Wrinkles: These fine lines begin showing up as early as your 20s, and the earlier you treat them, the better. A BOTOX® injection temporarily freezes the facial muscles that lead to these wrinkles, making them less noticeable and slowing down their progression.
  • Crow’s Feet: Whether it’s from smiling or squinting, these fine lines can appear around your eyes. BOTOX® injections into these muscles can help temporarily reduce how prominently they show up.
  • Forehead lines: When you furrow or raise your eyebrows, you create lines on your forehead. Over time, they begin to stick around even when your face is at rest. A BOTOX® injection can relax those muscles for a while, making them less noticeable.
  • Frown lines: If you frown or concentrate, your eyebrow muscles contract. That causes the creases between your eyes to appear. An injection can help reduce the appearance of those lines.
  • Sagging eyebrows: Plastic surgeons aren’t the only ones offering eyebrow lifts anymore. A BOTOX® injection is an often effective alternative to a plastic surgery eyebrow lift. It reduces forehead lines and raises drooping eyebrows to give your eyes a more open appearance without creating the “surprised look” that frequently comes with plastic surgery.

What Medical Needs Can BOTOX® Treatments Help With?

Alongside its cosmetic uses, BOTOX® (or a similar product, Dysport) can be used to treat many medical conditions that impact your daily life.

  • Migraine headaches: The pain, nausea, and light sensitivity from these severe headaches can make daily activities nearly impossible. Getting BOTOX® injections into your head and neck muscles every 12 weeks makes migraine headaches less frequent and reduces the effects when they do occur.
  • Excessive sweating: With this condition, called hyperhidrosis, your underarm nerves can activate your sweat glands at any time without reason. BOTOX® injections into the muscles that push sweat to the surface of your skin can reduce how much underarm sweat you produce.
  • Bladder dysfunction: The frequent muscle contractions with an overactive bladder can make you lose bladder control or cause the urge to urinate more often. By using a special instrument called a cystoscope, doctors can inject BOTOX® to relax the bladder muscles, restoring your bladder control.
  • Eye twitching: Caused by muscle spasms, eye twitching can interfere with daily activities, such as working on the computer, watching television, and driving. Getting BOTOX® injections in the eyelid muscle can stop those muscle twitches for several months per treatment.
  • Neck spasms: A nerve disorder called cervical dystonia can cause painful neck (and shoulder) spasms. BOTOX® injections can help those muscles relax, reducing the frequency of spasms.

How Does BOTOX® Work?

When you frown, raise your eyebrows, or do anything that frequently contracts your facial muscles, you’re creating those fine lines and wrinkles. BOTOX® (or botulinum toxin), a purified form of a toxin made by the Clostridium botulinum bacterium, can reduce muscle activity, as well as how much those facial lines show up.

Using a small needle, our Skin Care Professionals inject a series of small doses of the toxin into your muscles. These injections temporarily relax those muscles so they don’t contract. This softens and reduces the appearance of your wrinkles.

You should see the full effects of the injections appear within 7 to 14 days. The impact of the treatment on your muscles lasts between 3-to-4 months. Slowly, your muscles will return to normal, and your lines and wrinkles will reappear and need another treatment. However, over time, they will be less noticeable.

BOTOX® Before and After

BOTOX® Results

Actual patient(s). Unretouched photos. Actual length of time to results and how long BOTOX® lasts may vary.

Are There Any Risks to BOTOX® Cosmetic Treatments?

BOTOX® is FDA-approved for all these cosmetic and medical needs. Treatments do not require anesthesia, and are generally easily tolerated without any anesthetic..

Most procedures take approximately 10-20 minutes, and downtime after the injections is minimal. Most patients can return to their normal activities immediately. Side effects are rare but possible. Bruising is the most common side effect, but you could also get a headache or experience flu-like symptoms.

How Much Is BOTOX® in Virginia Beach?

The cost of your BOTOX® services will depend on how many locations you want to be treated and how many treatments you will need. Our office experts can help determine the best injectable treatment plan for you. While BOTOX® is an already affordable way of treating your skin, DermacareHR offers a high value Skincare Membership that offers discounted BOTOX® treatment to eligible members. 

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