Body Sculpting & Fat Reduction

Are you struggling with unwanted fat?

Does it feel like diet and exercise are dead ends?

Are hard-to-target areas like your back and stomach standing in the way of achieving the body shape you want?

Everyone reaches a time in their life when they want to change the appearance of their body. Many give up when their efforts yield limited results. Stubborn fat pockets in hard-to-target areas can seem impossible to shed, but there are proven treatments that achieve successful fat reduction.

Fat Reduction Solutions

The Dermacare of Hampton Roads team is staffed by medical experts with unrivaled fat reduction expertise. We use multiple systems and modalities – cryo-based, heat-based, and injectable – to permanently reduce fat and treat almost any part of the body.

Our approach to reducing unwanted fat is called body sculpting. It is a non-invasive and non-surgical approach.

Unlike weight loss programs, body sculpting treatments target and reduce fat in problematic areas through scientifically proven methods, such as fat freezing. These solutions are meant to sculpt your body so that you achieve the contours and symmetry you desire while permanently reducing fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. We can also tighten skin and reduce laxity.

Explore our treatment options and contact us for a personalized consultation.

Treatment Options

  • CoolSculpting For Removing Unwanted Fat on your Abdomen, Flanks, Back, Thighs, & more.
  • Exilis Ultra For Customized Fat Melting Anywhere on the body using Radio Frequency Energy Combined With Ultra Sound.  In its Skin Tightening Mode it is also the Best Skin Tightening System available, able to tighten the face, neck, or anywhere else on the body where you have loose skin!
  • Kybella For The Destruction Of Fat Cells Beneath Your Chin or other custom locations using injectible de-oxycholic acid.

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