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5 Ways MedSpa Treatments Improve Skin Health

5 Ways MedSpa Treatments Improve Skin Health

MedSpas offer a variety of treatments and products designed and clinically proven to improve many skin conditions. At Dermacare of Hampton Roads, we are a MedSpa equipped to treat acne, rosacea, dry or dehydrated skin, sun damage, pigmentation issues, and fine lines and wrinkles. Our treatments can cosmetically improve your skin and make you look younger, but they’re far more than just cosmetic. MedSpa treatments can improve skin health.

MedSpa vs. Day Spa

MedSpas are set apart from day spa treatments by technology. Dermacare is unique thanks to the variety of lasers and light-based treatments that we offer and how they can improve the overall skin health. We carry advanced technologies, such as lasers, fillers, Botox, and medical-grade skincare products. One of the many lasers we offer is the Sciton Forever Young BBL. It’s a revolutionary laser system that targets skin imperfections at a cellular level. It can improve skin health and provides major short-term and long-term benefits.

#1: Treatment of Common Skin Concerns

Who doesn’t like accomplishing two things at once, especially when it’s effortless? That’s what MedSpa treatments like Forever Young BBL can do for you. Not only can Forever Young repair damaged skin, but it can also offer age-defying benefits. The broadband light treatment safely and precisely treats numerous skin conditions, and it doesn’t matter where the skin is affected. Forever Young can be used anywhere on the body to treat common skin conditioning including:
  • Rosacea
  • Sun damage
  • Sun spots
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Age spots
  • Facial veins

#2: Anti-Aging Benefits

The Forever Young treatment specifically targets skin cells and alters the expression of the genes associated with the aging process to closely mimic the look and feel of younger skin. But that’s not the only treatment we offer with anti-aging benefits. Almost all of our services contribute to skin rejuvenation in different ways. Your skin’s health – everything from its immune system to the amount of damage it has endured over the years – shows. MedSpa treatments are not merely cosmetic because the most ideal results and anti-aging benefits are achieved by improving and maintaining skin health.

#3: Anywhere, Anytime

Forever Young BBL is effective on all body areas, and it’s not the only treatment capable of generating results. It’s often used to treat the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands. A consultation with one of our specialists is necessary to determine your candidacy for this procedure. During your consultation, we’ll assess your goals and recommend the best treatments for achieving them.

#4: No Surgery, No Downtime

Most of our MedSpa treatments are non-invasive and require limited to no downtime. In most cases, our patients can carry on with their daily activities after most procedures.

#5: Long-Lasting Results

Further studies conclude that patients with regular Forever Young BBL treatments see long-lasting results. These studies also include patients who were treated more than 10 years ago! Each of our treatments generates lasting results in various ways, but much of the success of maintaining visible improvements with MedSpa treatments depends on consistent and correct skincare at home. Your esthetician is trained to select the products that will most benefit your skin and advise you on how to maintain your results between visits. Let’s talk skincare! Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

How to Recognize and Treat Melasma

Melasma (muh-LAZ-muh) is a patch of hyperpigmentation that appears on the face and neck. It’s an incredibly common skin problem. You can recognize it by its patchy brown, blue-gray, or tan blemishes on the skin. These spots usually appear on the forehead, cheeks, bridge of the nose, chin, and above the upper lip. They can also appear on the body, particularly in areas that get lots of sun. Melasma predominately occurs in women, usually ages 20-50. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, just 10% of melasma cases occur in men. The condition often appears suddenly.

What Causes Melasma?

Occurrences of melasma are often due to the perfect storm of hormonal changes and sun exposure. Ultraviolet light stimulates the melanocytes. It doesn’t take strong or lengthy UV exposure to cause melasma, which is why the blemishes can return shortly after fading or worsen during the summer months. Genetics and skin care products can also cause or inflame the condition. People with darker skin tones are more likely to develop it, as are people with a blood relative who has melasma. Pregnant women are more prone to melasma. It’s often referred to as pregnancy mask or chloasma. Birth control pills or hormone replacement medications can also trigger it.

Melasma Treatments

Melasma is difficult to treat, but you can find relief. Use of a strict sunblock is a must, as is the selection of the right skin care products. Some products can increase or inflame the patchy blemishes that are melasma. In fact, some of the makeup you may be using to hide those spots could be causing them to worsen. Successful melasma treatments require a tailored approach – an approach we specialize in at Dermacare. Those unwanted spots can sometimes be lifted with chemical peels. BBL light treatments are also effective and can decrease the appearance of hyperpigmentation. In some instances, we find that a custom combination of BBL and chemical peels produces the best results for some patients. Skin care products are also important to melasma treatments. Since some products can increase the appearance of melasma or trigger an episode, choosing products that don’t inflame the condition while simultaneously promoting better skin health is important. But how do you choose? With the literally thousands of products available, where do you start?

Schedule Your Dermacare Consultation

Our complimentary Dermacare Consultation is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Not only can we discuss your melasma and medical history to start formulating a custom treatment plan based on your desired outcome, but we can also start pinpointing the factors contributing to your melasma episodes. We use an Emage 3-D Imaging system, which allows us to see under the surface of your skin. Our staff are all highly trained medical experts, and we know medical grade skin care products – the kind of products that work to actually improve skin cells’ function. Our approach isn’t merely aesthetic. We work to improve the health of your skin because healthy skin naturally looks great! Be sure to follow us as we take a closer look at the skin care products we champion and provide more skin care tips. In the meantime, if you suffer from melasma, contact us to schedule your personal melasma treatment consultation.

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