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Are you considering laser hair removal? Dermacare of Hampton Roads is your trusted laser hair removal clinic in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Unwanted hair is an unwanted burden.
You may shave, tweeze, or wax obnoxious hairs away. Regardless of how you handle hair removal, chances are you spend a lot of time and money keeping unwanted hair at bay.

There is a better solution: Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal.

Laser Hair Removal Clinic Hampton Roads

Dermacare of Hampton Roads is your leading local expert in how to make this cutting-edge technology work for you.  Our advanced laser hair removal system is fast, pain-free, and can treat from light to dark skin types year-round. We’re the local partner for pain free laser hair removal throughout the Hampton Roads, Virginia, region. Contact us today to schedule your laser hair removal consultation! 

Laser Hair Removal and Hair Growth

Healthy hair grows in three stages. First, the growing or anagen stage. Second, the resting or telogen stage. Third, the transitional or catagen stage.

 Laser Hair Removal

During the first stage, hair is susceptible to laser energy. Hair in the second and third stages of growth is resistant to it. At any time, various percentages of body hair will be in each of these phases. As a result, laser hair removal is unlikely to be successful without multiple treatment sessions.
Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Painful?

Our patients report that our advanced, Motus AX, laser hair removal treatments are not painful and do not produce the “rubber band snap” or “bee sting” sensation that some lasers do.  They also report that a topical anesthetic is not necessary to be comfortable during the treatments

When Is The Best Time For Laser Hair Removal?

With our advanced laser, Motus AX, we can safely perform laser hair removal treatments any time of the year – including summertime when some patients have tan skin.

How Does Your Laser Work To Remove Hair On Very Pale And Very Dark Skin?

Our advanced laser hair removal system can effectively remove hair on skin that is very pale with light hair follicles up to dark skin with dark hair follicles because it combines the most effective wavelength with a state of the art technology that enables us to treat even the darkest skin safely.
FHow Long Do Treatments Take?
Treatment time varies based on the size of the area treated, however, we have the fastest and most advanced laser available.  As compared to most laser hair removal systems, our treatment times are cut in half and range anywhere from 3 minutes for an upper lip to 30 minutes for an upper leg.  
How Many Treatments Does it Take?

While older lasers needed at least 5 treatments to clear 90% of the hair, with darker skin needing as many as 10 treatments, our new state of the art laser can treat everyone in 5 treatments or less.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

A laser produces a beam of highly concentrated light that is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles. It pulses for a fraction of a second and vaporizes the pigment, disabling numerous follicles to eliminate or significantly impede hair growth.
Continue Your Research
If you’re thinking of going for laser removal, it’s imperative to study up. There are clinics that will only be concerned about the money bit and not providing quality treatment which is the goal in the first place. At Dermacare of Hampton Roads, we use advanced techniques and technologies to make the whole process smooth and pain-free. We’re a laser hair removal Chesapeake VA clinic that is committed to ensuring that clients are getting the results that they’ve envisioned. There are a lot of advantages to getting hair removal that is beyond the treatment aspect as a whole. Here are some of the benefits of laser hair removal.
Helps Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs
After you’ve shaved or waxed, you’ll still have to deal with ingrown hair. Laser hair removal makes it possible to finally bid farewell to the ingrown hairs. This works because hair is removed from the roots. You can forget about the unsightly razor bruises and burn. It’s perhaps one of the reasons why you should book an appointment with one of our experts.
It Leaves Your Skin Softer
When you shave the hair off, you’re likely to be bothered by the prickly sensation that could last for days. This can irritate the skin. With laser removal procedure from Dermacare of Hampton Roads, your skin becomes smoother and you’ll never have to worry about stubble because of shaving.
No Painful Side Effects
At Dermacare of Hampton Roads, we use the most advanced laser hair removal treatment. We can also apply topical anesthetic to make you more comfortable. With waxing, there is always the risk of your skin being burned. Laser treatment can be done at any time of the month and there are shorter recovery periods compared to the alternatives that are currently available.
Lasting Results
It can take weeks or even months for the hair to grow back. With every subsequent treatment, it makes it even harder. We can help in coming with an effective treatment plan if you’d want to get rid of the hair permanently. It will reach a point where you’re practically hairless and don’t have to worry about growth in unwanted areas.
Is It Safe?
One of the concerns you might be having is if the cosmetic procedure is safe. When done by an experienced professional, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Working with the wrong provider could result in damage to the skin. The number of sessions required will depend on the area that is being treated. For facials, you can expect 101-15 minutes for a single session. It is always encouraged to shave before every session in order to prevent scorching of the hair.

Our laser removal practitioners are licensed and experienced with different techniques. You can count on us for all your laser hair removal needs. Laser treatment will not only save your time and money but also boost your confidence. You can book a free consultation with us if you’d like to get started.

Highly Rated Laser Hair Removal in Chesapeake, Virginia

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