Your Expert Guide to Vivace Microneedling

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Your Expert Guide to Vivace Microneedling

Have you heard? Dermacare now has Vivace!

We’re excited to offer this cutting-edge microneedling treatment option. For years we’ve been the go-to professionals in the Hampton Roads area for everything microneedling. Vivace is a fantastic addition to our treatments with outstanding benefits all for you!

What Is Vivace?

Vivace is a microneedling treatment. Unlike many other microneedling options, it is a radiofrequency device that delivers immediate and long-term results.

Microneedling works by triggering the skin’s natural repair process. During a treatment, the targeted area is subjected to very precise micro-injuries. These signal the skin to begin the healing process. Collagen and elastin production increases in the targeted area. The result is a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, scarring, and pore size. The skin will tighten and firm, and there will be an improvement to skin tone and texture.

Vivace vs. Other Microneedling Treatments

Vivace takes traditional microneedling, like our popular SkinPen treatment, to the next level. Here’s how:

  • Advanced Microneedling Technology: Vivace uses superfine, gold-tipped needles instead of stainless steel. They are designed to be more precise, even, and controlled during treatment.
  • Radio Frequency Energy: RF energy stimulates additional collagen and elastin production, ramping up immediate results and their longevity.
  • LED Light Therapy: Light therapy works to reduce post-treatment inflammation and redness during treatment, making any discoloration after treatment reduced and short-lived.

Vivace is revolutionary. It outperforms other microneedling treatments by providing a more comfortable patient experience while utilizing a robotic motor needling system with 36 gold-tipped needles. RF energy is used to heat deeper tissues, which leads to higher collagen production, elastin remodeling, and wound contractions. What does all this mean for you? Better, faster, more comfortable results.

Safe for all skin types, Vivace offers results similar to laser procedures with less downtime, discomfort, and risk of complications. It distributes heat evenly during treatment thanks to those gold-tipped needles, which reduces redness, hot spots, burning, and discomfort – all of which can occur with other devices.

Vivace also has 31 precise, multilevel adjustments up to a depth of 3.5mm at 0.1mm increments, making it more accurate than other RF devices. It also utilizes a variable pulse duration allowing for incredibly precise control based on your personal skin profile. Vivace enables us to customize treatment to your unique skin like never before.

What To Expect

Vivace is effective for alleviating fine lines and wrinkles, tightening skin, minimizing pore size, and improving skin tone and texture of the face and body. It is ideal for anyone seeking solutions to acne scars, enlarged pores, droopy eyelids, and even stretch marks.

One of the most exciting benefits of Vivace is longevity. The microneedling and RF energy combo stimulate higher collagen and elastin production over a longer time period. Your skin will continue to enjoy the youthful vigor of greater production and even reap greater results after your treatment.

Is It Painful?

A typical Vivace treatment can be somewhat painful to some, but it is virtually painless for most. On the face, the majority of people feel the most discomfort on the upper lip, over highly vascular areas and scars, and around the eyes.

The beauty of Vivace is that treatments can be tailored to individual goals, as well as pain tolerance. Anti-aging and maintenance treatments are virtually pain-free, while more aggressive skin rejuvenation and skin changing procedures can be more uncomfortable.

The Vivace experience soars high above other treatments. It provides a more comfortable procedure by combining pre-treatment numbing, even heat distributed microneedling, and a post-procedure serum and mask. This surpasses other treatments by far.

What Does Vivace Feel Like?

While there are 36 needles on the device, many people only feel one or two needles (if any) during each 36-needle pulse. During treatment, you can expect to feel some needle prick sensations in some areas, maybe nothing in others.

What Should I Do Before Vivace Treatment?

A little preparation can go a long way.

Avoid wearing makeup to your session if possible. Before treatment, it is essential for the skin to be cleaned of any makeup or debris. There cannot be any open wounds or infections of the skin to be treated. If you’re concerned about exactly how to prep for your treatment, talk to one of our qualified professionals when you schedule your first session.

What to Expect After Treatment

Unless you’re receiving PRFM/PRP or OmniCore Growth Complex growth factor serum after treatment, we provide a post-procedure serum and mask that helps with healing, improves outcomes, and enhances the Vivace experience. Most patients leave with minimal to no redness. They have bright, dewy, tight skin that they are eager to show off. The best news is that their results will continue to improve over the next three to six months!

Can I Wear Makeup After Treatment?

Makeup is not recommended for 24 hours after treatment. It is crucial not to put anything on the face for six hours after treatment that would clog the microchannels and compromise the healing of the skin. The channels being open after the microneedling treatment requires careful care.

Achieving Optimal Vivace Results

Most treatments are performed in a series of three, spaced four to six weeks apart, to achieve good results. Some body tightening treatments or treatments of severe scars or laxity may take four to six treatments.

The Importance of Maintenance

A minimum of annual maintenance treatment is highly recommended to maintain your achieved results, with many patients preferring maintenance treatments two to four times per year. As we age, our skin naturally decreases collagen and elastin production, and these building blocks of the skin become thinner and more fragile. Vivace offers the most precise and long-term solution with minimal maintenance. It really is a win-win!

Unleash Youthful Skin

Vivace microneedling is a more comprehensive and efficacious treatment versus traditional microneedling alone. The proven results seen by our patients and others is a testament to the adage that age is just a number.

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your youthful skin! Keep people guessing about how you manage to hold on to younger-looking skin. We can’t wait to introduce you to Vivace and turn back the clock on your skin challenges.

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Leon Garber, CEO

Written By Leon Garber, CEO

Leon Garber, CEO
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