Acne BLU-U® Light Treatment

What is the Acne BLU-U® Light Treatment?

The Acne BLU-U® Light Treatment is the latest technology to treat mild to moderate, recurrent acne in both adolescence and adults. BLU-U® is a visible blue light device that targets bacteria in oil glands to eliminate one of the major plays in the production of acne.

For those suffering from acne, this is a non-invasive procedure that is safe and has no downtime or discomfort. In just a few short weeks you will have glowing skin and a beautiful complexion!

How does the Acne BLU-U® Light Treatment work?

BLU-U Light Therapy is FDA approved to treat moderate inflammatory acne. The narrow-band blue light causes a photodynamic effect that kills bacteria within the pilosebaceous gland.

Acne BLU-U® Light Treats:

Common treatment areas include the face, chest, and back.

Combats Acne in Three Ways:

  • Inactivates P. Acne bacteria
  • Shuts down sebaceous glands

What to Expect:

A BLU-U session is pain-free, very relaxing and typically lasts up to 30 minutes. We advise having a session under the blue light twice a week for a minimum of 4 to 5 weeks, or once per month if used in conjunction with a light chemical peel.

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