Voluma® XC / Volbella® / Vollure®

Dermacare understands how important it is to age gracefully and we are excited to have the newest injectible dermal fillers in our anti-aging arsenal, Voluma® XC, Volbella® & Vollure® from Allergan, the same company behind BOTOX® and Juvederm.  

How are these fillers different from Juvederm?

Known as the Vycross fillers, they are designed with stronger cross-links between molecules so they maintain their collective shape better and last longer than Juvederm.   Each of the three varies in thickness of the gel to specifically provide best results in different areas of the face:

  • Voluma contains the thickest, strongest gel and is ideal for deep injections into the cheek area to get a nice lift and volume boost.  It can last as long as 2 years.
  • Volbella contains the thinnest, most spreadable gel, perfect to fill lip lines or even smooth the delicate areas under the eyes.  It can last as long as 12 months depending on where it is injected.
  • Vollure combines a “happy medium” of durability and spreadability to treat nasolabial folds while allowing for natural facial expressions and movements.  It can last as long as 18 months (as opposed to Juvederm which lasts 6-12 months).

How do the Vycross fillers work?

As we grow older, the production of collagen and elastin in the skin decreases, which can make the face look flat, droopy and aged. Voluma, Volbella and Vollure are made of hyaluronic acid (HA) as well as elastin and collagen proteins to replace what has been lost and re-build a full, youthful silhouette and profile whether the cheeks, mid-face or lips.

What to Expect:

With the Vycross fillers, the injection process takes only about 15 minutes and results are immediate. Plus, there’s minimal recovery or downtime. So you can step into Dermacare for treatment and step right back into your life. These fillers are also enhanced with lidocaine for patient comfort during the treatment, which poses little to no downtime.

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