Five ways to kick off the summer and look your best

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Five ways to kick off the summer and look your best

Summer is upon us! Today we’re taking this opportunity to share some of our favorite treatments that will help you feel extra glowy and confident all season! From re-upping your BOTOX® to Signature Facials, our Experts here at DermacareHR will have you looking your very best for all your upcoming summer activities!

Re-Up Your BOTOX®

Looking for a treatment that will keep lines and wrinkles at bay all summer long? Say hello to BOTOX® (and/or Dysport)!

BOTOX® can be used to temporarily make existing moderate-to-severe frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines look better. It can be used to help slow the formation of lines and wrinkles. For a smooth face all summer long, we recommend talking to our Dermacare Experts about BOTOX®!

Plump Your Pout

Here at DermacareHR, we offer the Juvéderm family of fillers, and our expert injectors strive to deliver natural, never overdone, results. (Unless overdone is what you want!) Lip filler results are immediate, with a few days of swelling and possible light bruising.

Try A Signature Facial

Our Signature Facial utilizes medical-grade products to get you the results you’re looking for! This treatment is highly customizable and will help address a wide array of skin issues. This treatment can be great during the summer when we’re in and out of the ocean or pool, hot and cold environments, and we’re exposing our skin to a combination of excess sweat, makeup, sunscreen, and UV rays.

Chemical Peel, Please!

If you’ve got an upcoming summer event or vacation, a chemical peel can be a great way to have your skin looking its very best! This treatment is highly customizable and can help address everything from dull skin and large pores to wrinkles and acne scars! Most people get peels monthly or in a series (depending on their goals). In the summer, it’s important to plan them around your schedule because you’ll want to avoid direct sunlight and any cardiovascular activity for 24-48 hours after treatment and any significant, unprotected sun exposure for about a week.

Pick The Perfect Sunscreen

Speaking of the beach, remember to lather on a good quality sunscreen anytime you’re going to be outdoors this summer. Wearing sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UV rays that can damage skin, increase signs of aging, and lead to skin cancer. 

Our top two summer sunscreen picks are:

  • DermacareHR MY Skincare HA Physical Tint SPF 44 – This sunscreen contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, it’s water resistant, and it has a moisturizing, universal tint that suits most skin types. It’s also great for those with sensitive skin. (So great that we actually recommend this for some of our post-procedure patients!) You can wear this alone or under your normal makeup for sun protection.
  • SkinMedica Total Defense + Repair SPF 34 – This sunscreen contains zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, octinoxate, and octisalate. It also contains antioxidants that work with your skin’s natural repair system to protect against the sun’s rays and improve signs of aging. This sunscreen comes either non-tinted or in an “ultra-sheer tint” which makes it great for matching all skin shades.

Are you ready to kick off the summer and look your best? Book your next appointment with one of our Dermacare Experts today! Schedule online or call us at 757-317-3587.

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Leon Garber, CEO

Written By Leon Garber, CEO

Leon Garber, CEO
Leon Garber is the President and CEO of Dermacare of Hampton Roads. He has over 11 years of experience in the industry. Dermacare is focused on providing great outcomes for our patients through top notch providers and concierge level service.
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