Preparing for Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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Preparing for Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

What to expect when getting laser hair removal

Everyone’s skin is unique. We do a thorough consultation to assess your needs, skin and hair type, concerns, and to evaluate the area you want to have lasered. This all helps us determine the best treatment plan for you.

What to expect at your laser hair removal appointment

When you arrive at your appointment, we will first do a test patch with the laser (in an inconspicuous spot) to see if you have any negative reaction. If you do, it can be addressed immediately before moving on. If you don’t have a negative reaction, we’ll move onto the treatment area. 

Laser hair removal tends to be pretty quick, with treatments running around 15-60 minutes, depending on the size of the area. And with our Motus laser, it’s also relatively painless! Don’t believe us? Take it from this happy client, Kristina.



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However, we also understand that every patient is different. So if you’re more sensitive than most, we want you to know that we always keep a topical numbing cream on hand, which can greatly reduce discomfort. We can also prescribe hydrocortisone to reduce inflammation and discomfort post treatment, although this is very rarely ever necessary.

After your appointment

For a couple hours to a few days afterwards, expect to see a bit of raised skin or pinkness. You may also notice little black specs, which is the dead hair exiting your follicles. Take that, wayward hair!

Stay cool. Laser hair removal involves heat from the lasers, so it’s best to keep your skin nice and cool for several days after treatment as needed. Put the AC on in the car, take a cool shower, or apply cooling packs if you need them. Of course, you could also just avoid heat.

Stay out of the sun. This advice can be especially important to anyone with a darker skin tone. Hyperpigmentation can occur, so avoiding the sun in the first 2 weeks after your treatment is important. If any hyperpigmentation were to occur, your medical team at Dermacare would happily and expertly minimize the effects.

Don’t workout. If you’re a workout fiend, this is your chance to take a break. According to Cosmo, working out within 24 hours of getting laser hair removal treatment is a big no-no because it will make your skin warmer. Warmer skin can make you more prone to unwanted side effects such as hyper- or hypopigmentation.

Let your skin breath. If you’ve gotten part of your face lasered, we recommend staying away from harsh treatments and beauty products for 1-2 weeks. The SaltFacial Skin Renewal Therapy™ you’ve been dying to try? Put it on hold for a few weeks. Your skin will thank you.

Are you ready to be happily hair-free in time for swimsuit season and summer date nights? Request a free consultation here (or call us at 757-317-3748), and we’ll get your Laser Hair Removal appointment on the books! We can’t wait to meet the new you!

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