Simply Skin Care: A Look at TIZO

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Simply Skin Care: A Look at TIZO

TIZO stands for Titanium Zinc Oxide. It’s a brand of sunscreens created by Solar Protection Formula, and it uses micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to achieve broad spectrum UVA/UVB skin protection. TIZO has been focusing on formulating superior sunscreens and other protective products since 1989.

Sunscreens by TIZO are ideal for sensitive skin and post-procedure skin. The titanium, iron, and zinc oxides in their products are formulated to offer a sheer and silky matte finish. TIZO layers invisibly under makeup and can replace foundation primer!


The main environmental cause of skin cancer is unprotected sun exposure, which is why protecting your skin from UV rays is important. A sunburn is an inflammation or irritation of the skin caused by too much exposure to the ultraviolet rays from the sun. A sunburn can cause permanent damage and may demand proper medical attention, so sun protection should always be a staple in everyone’s daily skincare routine.

All TIZO’s products are free of chemical sunscreens, oils, preservatives, parabens, and fragrances. They are also free of gluten. TIZO uses only physical blockers and their products are rich in antioxidants and mineral performance ingredients.

TIZO Mineral Sunscreens

They aren’t your average sunscreen. TIZO mineral sunscreens have benefits that other sunscreens lack, including:

  • The option of tinted or non-tinted
  • High-quality physical broad-spectrum protection (great for post-procedure use)
  • Gentle enough for ALL skin types, even the most sensitive
  • Photostable and will not degrade or break down in sunlight
  • Contains anti-oxidants C and E
  • Not tested on animals
  • Made in the USA

TIZO2 SPF 40 is a non-tinted facial mineral sunscreen – great for lighter or fair skin tones – while TIZO3 SPF 40 is lightly tinted. Both offer cosmetically elegant sun protection. They can replace foundation primer, layer invisibly, and have a matte finish.

TIZO Ultra Zinc Body and Face Sunscreen is a non-tinted mineral formula. All skin types and tones can benefit from it. It contains moisturizing ingredients for a hydrating, dewy finish. It’s a recommended product for post-procedure skin due to its soothing and calming 20% zinc oxide.

What Sets TIZO Apart?

All sunscreens fall into two categories: physical blockers and chemical absorbers. TIZO sunscreens are made up of physical blockers.

Physical blockers, or mineral-based sunscreens, work by scattering and reflecting UVA/UVB rays. Chemical absorbers, or chemical sunscreens, from the organic chemistry lab work by absorbing UV radiation before it can penetrate the skin. The efficacy of chemical sunscreens varies depending on how long the product remains stable when exposed to the sun. This is unlike physical sunscreens, which remain stable and don’t break down.

It’s a proven fact that unprotected sun exposure causes dry, damaged skin, increases the risk of skin cancer, increases the occurrence of pigmentation changes, and contributes to the development of fine lines and wrinkles. TIZO mineral sunscreens offer age-defying fusion. Their products can help slow the signs of premature aging while helping block damaging sun exposure.

TIZO is a great brand to add to your daily skincare routine. What better than to incorporate sun protection than by replacing your foundation primer with a product designed to block harmful UVA/UVB rays and blend seamlessly under your makeup?

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Leon Garber, CEO

Written By Leon Garber, CEO

Leon Garber, CEO
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