Best skin treatments for mothers of the bride and/or groom

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Best skin treatments for mothers of the bride and/or groom

Your child just announced they’re getting married! After all the hugs, screaming, and happy tears, it’s time for the wedding planning to officially commence. This 100% includes prepping your skin for the big day! Why? Because these memories (and the photos) will last forever. (Like for-ev-er forever.) You do not want to be tortured by having to look at terrible photos of yourself for the rest of your life. This is where we come in! Today we’re sharing the best skin treatments for mothers of the bride and/or groom to help you prep for the big day!

4-10 months out

CoolSculpting and/or Exilis Ultra
We know you’re not the bride, but as either the MOB or MOG, you need to look and feel your best! If you’ve struggled with unwanted body fat and diet and exercise just aren’t cutting it, CoolSculpting and Exilis Ultra may be helpful. Fat melting and fat freezing are forms of body contouring that can help you feel more confident in your MOB or MOG dress. They’re great to help get rid of unwanted fat in places such as the back, arm, chin, torso—and so much more! Unlike cosmetic surgery procedures such as liposuction, the fat melting and fat freezing options we have at Dermacare are non-invasive, non-surgical treatments. That means there is no downtime! You can walk into the office, get treated, and then walk right back out!

If you struggle with stubborn fat, we may recommend either a series of CoolSculpting or Exilis Ultra treatments (or a series of both) before the big day! The number of treatments you’ll need to see your desired results will be determined during your consultation with a Dermacare Expert. For this reason, it’s important to start this process 4-10 months before the wedding.

Vivace RF Microneedling
Pictures from the wedding will last a lifetime! If you struggle with wrinkles, crepey skin, pore size, acne scars, or stretch marks and want to achieve gorgeous, glowing skin, we recommend asking your Dermacare Expert about Vivace microneedling. Radiofrequency Microneedling is a great tool in minimally-invasive skin remodeling for the face, neck, and body. It provides impressive results for people of all ages with any skin type and tone.

Another popular treatment to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, minimize pores, and improve skin texture is Laser CoolPeel. This treatment provides a good portion of results of a traditional CO2 resurfacing treatment without the downtime. This means you can easily schedule a series of this treatment 4-6 months before the big day. The CoolPeel laser targets the superficial layer of skin tissue, removing damaged skin (and pigmentation) to reveal healthy, younger skin! This treatment also stimulates collagen and elastin to improve the textural component of the skin! The entire process takes less than 15 minutes (seriously!) and usually comes with a few days of social downtime.

2 months out

The amount of joy you’ll feel watching your child walk down the aisle is something we know you’re looking forward to! Crow’s feet and forehead lines showing up in the pictures? Not so much. Here at DermacareHR, we offer two different types of wrinkle relaxers that can help ease the muscles that cause frown lines in the face: Botox and Dysport. Both products are great at helping keep facial lines and/or creases away (or at a bare minimum).

Important note: If you’ve never had Botox or Dysport before, we recommend a trial run 6-8 months out.

Filler is like a little miracle in a bottle! It can help plump up the lips, restore lost volume (in the face or hands), and it’s great for contouring the face. We recommend scheduling your filler appointment 2 months prior to the wedding. Swelling and bruising can occur, so injections are definitely not a treatment you want to do a week or two beforehand. Filler is a great option for anyone looking for a refreshed, younger-looking appearance. It’s an incredibly nimble product and can be used to help most patients achieve anywhere from subtle to dramatic results. It’s all about what you want and where your skin is at when we start!

Important note: If you’ve never had filler, we recommend a trial run 6-8 months out.

If you’re the mother of the bride and/or groom—and you’re looking for the best skin treatments to get ready for the big day—book your free consultation or give us a call at 757-330-5802.

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Leon Garber, CEO

Written By Leon Garber, CEO

Leon Garber, CEO
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