What To Expect After Your HALO Treatment

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What To Expect After Your HALO Treatment
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To be honest, HALO does have a little bit of downtime. It is not bad though—promise! We like to think of it as the kind of treatment that is best scheduled on a Thursday or Friday. You are probably not going to want to be out and about the first two days after treatment, so we recommend scheduling a much-needed long weekend. That way you are out of office while your skin is recuperating.

  • Right after treatment your face will feel warm
  • For the next couple days, the skin in the treatment area is a nice, bright pink
  • Around day 3 or 4, you start forming a thick skin layer which comes off in a few days. This sloughing can happen even quicker with vinegar dilution soaks.
  • Most people are fully sloughed and looking pretty good (just mildly pink) within a week.
  • You look good a week or so after HALO, but even better a month later. Then results get even better than that 3-6 months after, due to the collagen stimulation.

Here’s a video of how your face will feel right after treatment by an actual Dermacare patient!

It’s nothing too crazy! Feels a little spicy like a sunburn. But man, there’s an adrenaline rush!

What you should know about HALO laser treatments

We at Dermacare HR are your local skincare specialists and have a few things we want you to know about your HALO treatment.

The treatment itself is just under 2 hours total with;

  • 60 minutes of topical numbing time
  • 40 minutes of treatment time
  • 10 minutes for cooling

Recovery can feel like a sunburn for a few short days, so many patients enjoy sitting near an AC unit or a fan.

However, if you’ve had other laser facial treatments in the past, prepare for your most comfortable treatment yet!


HALO Treatment Results

“I’ll be honest, I’m kinda blown away by the HALO treatment!”

HALO is one of our most popular treatments, and it’s now part of our ForeverYoung membership. ForeverYoung members can trade four of their regular 30-minute monthly laser treatments for the potent power of HALO.

Something we consistently hear from our patients is how once you try HALO, you’re a believer for life. Be sure to make it a “you day” for gorgeous skin for your future self. You can request a free consultation here, book your HALO Treatment appointment, or call us at 757-317-3748. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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Leon Garber, CEO

Written By Leon Garber, CEO

Leon Garber, CEO
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