Are you ready to reduce fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance?

Maybe you know that BOTOX® (and other botulinum toxins including Dysport) is FDA-approved to temporarily make moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines look better.

Did you also know that BOTOX® is great for those who want to:

  • Refresh their youthful features
  • Restore a natural, less-tired look
  • Prevent fine lines and wrinkles
  • See a subtle, noticeable brightness without the downtime of some lasers and surgery

At DermacareHR, our highly-trained injectors bring both medical and artistic knowledge to BOTOX®, resulting in fewer lines and wrinkles, and a natural, never frozen, appearance. With our highly-trained team, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands. 

BOTOX® treats…

  • Frown lines (between the eyes)
  • Forehead lines
  • Drooping eyebrows
  • Crow’s feet
  • Jelly roll (skin roll beneath the eye)
  • Bunny lines
  • Bruxism (jaw grinding)
  • Undefined jawline
  • Lip lines
  • Gummy smile
  • Thin upper lip (lip flip)
  • Chin wrinkles/texturing
  • Neck bands/cords

Why your BOTOX® injector matters.

BOTOX® is a powerful neuromodulator that can reshape the face. Choosing a poorly-trained BOTOX® injector can lead to underwhelming results, a hard or frozen face, and dangerous side effects. At DermacareHR, only our highly-qualified nurses and physician assistants can administer BOTOX® treatment. 

Our Dermacare Experts have over 30 years of experience, and they use BOTOX® to responsibly create natural, youthful appearances in our patients. 

While BOTOX® will relax the muscles in your face, we aim to have it reduce your wrinkles, not your facial expressions.

Am I a good candidate for BOTOX®?

At DermacareHR, every patient starts out with a thorough consultation with one of our Dermacare Experts. During your consultation we’ll go over your concerns, goals, and your medical and skincare history. If we don’t think you’re a candidate for BOTOX® or Dysport, we’ll let you know. If we think you’re a candidate but know there is a different treatment that will better serve your needs, goals, and budget, we’ll let you know that as well. 

We want to empower all our patients with the information they need to make the best decisions about their skin treatments. Schedule your free consultation with a Dermacare Expert to get started.


Over time our skin can get overworked from all our many facial expressions. This can result in forehead lines, crow’s feet, smile lines, and more. BOTOX® Cosmetic helps pause the dynamic muscle movements that cause fine lines and wrinkles, giving your skin a chance to relax. 

BOTOX® can be done in less than 15 minutes, and there is no downtime. Most BOTOX® treatments last up to 3-4 months and can be repeated as necessary to maintain appearance or when wrinkles reappear.

What results can I expect from BOTOX®?

Just one BOTOX® or Dysport treatment can begin to achieve your desired results and most will last between 3-4 months. Most people will see BOTOX® results within 5-7 days after treatment, with full results appearing 2 weeks (14 days) post-treatment. 

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