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Tattoo Removal FAQs

How does Laser Tattoo Removal work?

Dermacare’s Medlite C6 laser removes ink by generating a variety of light wavelengths that target different ink colors. The light passes into the skin and is absorbed by the ink, causing it to break into tiny particles, which can then be removed by the body’s natural filtering systems.

What types of tattoos can be removed with laser tattoo removal?

Professional, amateur (homemade), traumatic and surgical tattoos. We can also do tattoo shading, lightening & cover-ups.

How long does the treatment take?

Professional tattoos: 6-12 treatments ** With the DeScribe patch now as few as 4 treatments!! **

Amateur tattoos: 4-5 treatments ** With the DeScribe patch now as few as 2 treatments!! **

Tattoo shading, lightening & cover-ups: varies, call for free consult

Spacing: 6-8 weeks apart

** With the DeScribe patch now as soon as 4 weeks!! **

The number of treatments depends on the amount and type of ink used, and the depth of the ink in the skin.

Is laser tattoo removal painful?

Patients report a sensation similar to the snap of a small rubber band. Most patients don’t require local anesthesia, however we provide anesthetic creams if needed.

What are typical results?

Following a series of treatments, the tattoos appearance may fade more than 95 percent, often erasing it completely. Results vary depending on the type of ink used and the depth of its application.

How do different colors in tattoos react to treatment?

Blue, black and red inks react most favorably to laser tattoo removal as do oranges and purples. Green and yellow inks are the most difficult to remove, additional treatments may be needed to produce significant fading.

Are there any side effects?

The system provides maximum tattoo removal while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. Occasionally, pinpoint bleeding may be associated with the treatment.

How experienced is your staff?

Our nurses have over 15 years of combined experience in Laser Tattoo Removal!