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About Tattoo Removal

Why Choose Dermacare for Tattoo Removal

Dermacare has been safely and effectively practicing laser tattoo removal across Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and all over Hampton Roads for over a decade!

Our team of estheticians, nurses, and physician assistants are medical professionals with extensive laser training. They undergo a rigorous qualification process before being cleared to provide tattoo removal treatments to our patients. Using medical personnel is both the only legal and ethical way to provide laster tattoo removal treatments, which can cause blistering and bleeding. Our professionals must be equipped at laser treatments and wound care.

Our proven MedLite C-6 Laser is a Q-switched system long considered the gold standard for laser tattoo removal. Both our MedLite C-6 Lasers and DeScribe Patches can do it all – tattoo removal, tattoo color lightening, tattoo shading, and tattoo cover ups. Our capabilities are enhanced using the DeScribe Patch. It allows us to clear tattoos faster and with less pain, and faster healing between treatments.

Tattoo Removal Tools

Dermacare HR is proud to introduce the DeScribe Patch, revolutionizing Laser Tattoo Removal! The patch enables us to treat your tattoo multiple times during each treatment session, speeding up the removal process to as short as 6 months instead of the usual 12-18 months.

We can now treat your tattoo as rapidly as a pico-second laser would for a much lower cost!

DeScribe Transparent PFD Patch Video


Dermacare is a Veteran Owned Small Business providing laser tattoo removal, shading, lightening & cover-ups in the Hampton Roads area, including Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk and Virginia Beach.


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