Hampton Roads Laser Titan Treatment

For those who want to avoid lifestyle interruptions, Laser Tightening provides substantial, noticeable results in treating:

• Wrinkles
• Deep nasal labial lines around mouth, smile lines, etc.
• Sagging
• Skin laxity
• Decrease in skin volume

Laser Tightening has no downtime whatsoever. You can go right back to work or play. Titan works wonders on the face, jawline and neck. Best of all, it is completely painless!!

How does it work?

Laser Tightening stimulates collagen in the deep dermis of the skin to tighten skin and increase volume. Laser pulses are applied in a series of passes over the desired area. A beam of laser light energy passes through the epidermis and is absorbed into the deep layers of skin where collagen is produced. This triggers a repair mechanism, and your face/body then begins to rebuild and replenish your own natural collagen supply. The new collagen growth improves and softens the appearance of smile lines, sagging and loose skin from the inside out. Wrinkles, laxity and smile lines noticeably improve, all without surgery, injections or recovery time! As your natural collagen regenerates, your skin begins to look softer and smoother in tone and texture, taking years off of your appearance.

Laser Tightening has none of the risks, lengthy downtime or cost associated with CO2 laser resurfacing, ERBIUM lasers, deep chemical peels and plastic surgery.

Treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and Collagen/Restylane injections are highly effective, but provide only temporary results. Laser Tightening is perfect for those who wish to reduce or delay the signs of aging subtly, non-invasively and without lifestyle interruption.

How many treatments does it take?

The procedure is typically performed in a series of five treatments, spaced two to four weeks apart. New collagen growth typically takes 90-180 days from the first treatment, however, a patient will generally see improvement after the first treatment. With time, the treatments will result in a fresh, new layer of the patient’s natural collagen.

Do I have to have my whole face treated?

No. A full face treatment is necessary for a laser lift, but Dermacare offers a la carte treatments for forehead lines, nasal labial fold smile lines, acne scars, and jowling and lax skin around the jaw line and neck.

Is Laser tightening right for me?

The best course of action is to stop by Dermacare for a free consultation. Our well trained professionals are able to address your individual concerns and offer candid guidance as to realistic results. Some patients may have excessive sagging or under eye bags that require a more aggressive treatment, such as plastic surgery, to achieve the desired result. Our philosophy is to under-promise and over-deliver. We are absolutely committed to total customer satisfaction. Contact our specialists today!

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