What Is a Chemical Peel?

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What Is a Chemical Peel?

Do you love the sun but find it has taken a toll on your skin? You can treat UV and other types of skin damage to reduce their appearance. How? The answer lies in a question you might not have considered

What is a chemical peel?

Simply put, a chemical peel is an aesthetic treatment that improves the appearance of the skin by both gently stripping away the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin while also using different solutions designed to correct specific issues, such as sun damage or age spots. As you and your skin age, the topmost layer, called the epidermis, stops being the great moisture barrier it used to be in your teens and 20s.

What Does a Chemical Peel Treat?

Have you been less than impressed with the freckles you’ve had since childhood? Maybe you avoid the sun because it makes them more pronounced, or perhaps you’ve invested in a lot of makeup to cover them up. There’s a better solution – one that can actually improve your skin’s health.

A chemical peel can be used to treat the skin on your face, neck, and hands. Body peels are also available for larger areas like your back. Peels are an effective way to encourage the epidermis to generate new cells, reinvigorating it as a moisture barrier so your skin is well protected and looks youthful.

Not only can a chemical peel be used to treat freckles and sun damage, but it can also be used…

  • To improve fine lines around the mouth and eyes
  • To minimize scars
  • To relieve acne
  • To treat melasma
  • To reduce age spots
  • To improve the overall health and appearance of your skin

What to Expect When Getting a Chemical Peel

A Dermacare master esthetician will apply the peel solution to your skin during a very relaxing office visit. You might feel some mild stinging during the procedure, but it shouldn’t last for more than 10 minutes. Around day three, your skin will begin to tighten, flake, and peel. This will only last for a few days. A regular monthly peel has no downtime and peeling can usually be covered up with light makeup. Thanks to monthly peels working to improve your skin, those few days of peeling could become the only days you ever wear makeup!

Your Next Step Toward Beauty

What is a chemical peel if not a stepping stone to younger, healthier looking skin? You can start your journey today with the support of a master esthetician, and with either the Dermacare Difference Membership or Forever Young Membership, you can pamper your skin every month. Ask us about the monthly membership and all the perks that come with it. This is an opportunity you won’t want to pass up on your journey to a new, younger you!

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Leon Garber, CEO

Written By Leon Garber, CEO

Leon Garber, CEO
Leon Garber is the President and CEO of Dermacare of Hampton Roads. He has over 11 years of experience in the industry. Dermacare is focused on providing great outcomes for our patients through top notch providers and concierge level service.
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