How Long Does Laser Skin Tightening Last?

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How Long Does Laser Skin Tightening Last?

You may already know that the aging process results in less collagen and elastin being produced by the body, so you may be struggling with wrinkles, fine lines, and deep folds that you’d like to minimize. Laser skin tightening using Exilis Ultra and SkinTyte II makes it possible to improve the appearance of your skin with a simple facelift that doesn’t require invasive techniques. These treatments are virtually painless and take only 30 minutes to an hour over repeat appointments in most cases.

The short treatment times make laser treatment an excellent option. Not everyone has the time for the downtime that comes with an invasive procedure, and others are not financially or emotionally prepared for cosmetic surgery that requires a long downtime. With these options, you won’t have to go through facial plastic surgery, resulting in pain and swelling.

Fortunately, laser technology is a convenient procedure that helps maintain a youthful appearance by stimulating your body to produce elastin and collagen naturally. The skin care professionals at Dermacare of Hampton Roads are ready to help you get the skin you want to be in. Call 757-317-3748 to get in touch!

How Does Laser Technology Work?

Laser technology allows providers to deliver infrared light, radio frequency energy, or ultrasound energy to the body that helps with skin tightening and body contouring. The laser is hot, about as warm as a typical hot stone massage. This heat warms the collagen under the skin and makes it constrict, resulting in firmer skin. Laser facelift procedures are different from traditional facelift surgery because they are relatively painless and don’t require much downtime at all. In fact, most patients have no downtime. Add this to the minimal risk of side effects, and it’s clear why laser technology has become so popular in aesthetics today.

What Results Can I Expect From a Laser Facelift?

Laser face procedures lead to facial rejuvenation, but results may vary. For example, with the Exilis Ultra technique, skin tightening patients usually report full results within three months of the final treatment. This is because it takes time for the body to create new collagen and elastin. With SkinTyte II, thermolysis is used to produce a similar result. It may take up to four months to see results with SkinTyte II. With good maintenance, results can last approximately 18 months to two years.

Best practices for maintaining your skin following treatment at DermacareHR are straightforward. You should always protect your skin from direct sun exposure and use a good sunscreen with a strong SPF to avoid sunburn. Maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. If you do, you may see results that last up to three years. Keep in mind that individual results vary.

What Is the Recovery Time for Laser Treatment?

The great thing about laser treatment is that there is virtually no downtime compared to invasive surgical procedures such as plastic surgery or traditional facelifts. When patients go through surgical facelifts, they may need weeks of recovery time. Laser skin tightening is much easier than those invasive procedures. There is no need for a scalpel or incisions on the skin surface. Infrared light, radio frequency, and ultrasound technologies use heat to non-invasively stimulate the collagen and elastin in the body, quickly producing the results you want to see.

How Do Laser Facelift Procedures Work?

Since 2010, laser lift technology has grown in popularity. There are different laser lift technologies to understand before you decide which you would like to use. Here is a little information about each of the laser facelift procedures we offer at DermacareHR.

Exilis Ultra – Exilis Ultra works by combining radio frequency and ultrasound energies to deliver consistent, comfortable treatments. The energy stimulates collagen production and elastin over time. It’s useful for a good candidate looking for a facelift, neck lift, or body contouring.

SkinTyte II – SkinTyte II uses infrared technology and laser energy to heat the collagen in the target area. This stimulates the production of additional collagen. For this treatment, anesthesia for numbing is generally not necessary, but it may be used for sensitive areas. Skin tightening patients should know that there is powerful cooling during this procedure. This helps keep the skin at a cool, comfortable temperature while treating the underlying dermal layer.

What Causes Sagging Skin?

Sagging skin is typically associated with the loss of fat around the body. While anyone can get sagging skin, it is aging that usually results in less production of collagen and elastin. Aging may also increase the appearance of wrinkles on the jawline, jowls, and lower face. The combination of a loss of collagen and elastin with a loss of body fat may result in sagging around the eyelids, jowls, stomach, upper arms, throat, or other areas.

Fortunately, sagging skin can be treated with therapies such as skin tightening laser treatment. At Dermacare HR, we are ready to help you look into all the laser treatment options that could work for you. Call our office at 757-317-3748 or complete the contact form to speak with an experienced Skin Care Professional at Dermacare of Hampton Roads today.

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Leon Garber, CEO
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