CoolSculpting Guide: 3 Questions to Ask Your Clinic

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CoolSculpting Guide: 3 Questions to Ask Your Clinic

The Top Three Things to Ask Before You Get CoolSculpting

You know what CoolSculpting is; it’s the non-invasive, non-surgical fat reduction solution to that stubborn fat clinging to your tummy, creating those less-than-loved love handles, and interfering with bra shopping because – bra fat, ugh! If you think CoolSculpting is for you, there are three things you need to ask before getting started, and we’re here to cover them in this concise CoolSculpting guide.

Body sculpting technology is a science, and from it has stemmed body contouring, body sculpting, fat reduction, and skin tightening treatments. It’s crucial to your health and safety for these procedures to be chosen with and overseen by a qualified clinician. During the process, you’ll want to focus on their answers to the top three CoolSculpting questions.

#1: How Experienced Are You?

Take it from our very own Leon Garber, who prefaces his welcome letter to all patients with this important reminder:

“The world of lasers and skincare is rapidly changing and expanding, and you may be wondering how to choose the right clinic. If cutting edge medical technology, exceptional personal service and experienced medical professionals, who are passionate about achieving results, are important to you, then you have found the right clinic.”

Dermacare of Hampton Roads has been providing comprehensive, patient-focused care since 2006. Unlike other clinics offering CoolSculpting, we take great pride in housing one of the most educated and experienced laser and skin care teams available.

Everyone at Dermacare of Hampton Roads has the education of a master esthetician or higher (nurse/physician assistant) – even the friendly ladies manning the front desk. As a result, our patients benefit from a practice where every person is qualified to answer questions, consult, and give advice. We are your ultimate CoolSculpting guide.

#2: How Many CoolSculpting Cycles Have You Performed?

The clinic you choose must bring their A-game. So ask them this major question: how many CoolSculpting cycles have you performed?

You’re looking for a clinic with experienced clinicians who consistently perform CoolSculpting treatments. Ask for their monthly average, and don’t forget to ask about their patients’ results.

At Dermacare of Hampton Roads, we know that happy clients make a happy clinic. We focus on helping our patients select the best treatment plan, and we take into consideration multiple factors from health and safety to budget.

#3: Have You Been to CoolSculpting University?

You wouldn’t dream of seeing a cardiologist who lacks cardiac training, so why would you see a clinician for CoolSculpting who hasn’t been to CoolSculpting University?

CoolSculpting University is a comprehensive 2.5-3 day intensive specialty training program. A clinician’s attendance helps ensure you receive the best possible care at the highest possible standards. Who doesn’t want that?

Choose Your CoolSculpting Guide

The CoolSculpting machine isn’t a cool prop; it’s a complex piece of medical equipment, so choose a qualified operator. As you strike out to reduce fat and sculpt the body you deserve, remember to ask your prospective clinic these three important questions.

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Leon Garber, CEO

Written By Leon Garber, CEO

Leon Garber, CEO
Leon Garber is the President and CEO of Dermacare of Hampton Roads. He has over 11 years of experience in the industry. Dermacare is focused on providing great outcomes for our patients through top notch providers and concierge level service.
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