Cooler Weather Is the Perfect Time to Treat Uneven Skin Tones

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Cooler Weather Is the Perfect Time to Treat Uneven Skin Tones
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Summer is always a highlight. It’s when the kids are on break and families plan fun vacations and trips. But the summer sun can take a toll on your skin. Sun can damage your skin and cause uneven skin tones and discoloration that become more visible as you age. The colder winter months can rapidly become an additional yearly highlight because they are the perfect time to treat uneven skin tones and correct unwanted discoloration.

The Effects of Sun Exposure and Age

With youth comes beautiful skin. Young children have seemingly flawless complexions. Their skin’s texture is smooth, and their pores are small. They don’t have visible sun spots, redness, or blood vessels, all of which are unwanted skin blemishes that appear over time. The natural course of aging and sun exposure damages our skin, giving us sun spots and freckling. Some of us even develop redness and blood vessels. Our pore size increases, and our skin’s texture becomes uneven and dull. As a result, our skin takes on an aged appearance. Sometimes its appearance looks older than our physical age!

Turning Back the Clock

Sciton’s BBL and Halo are two powerful tools we use at Dermacare of Hampton Roads to treat uneven skin tones and discoloration among other skin issues. These two treatments complement each other beautifully.

BBL stands for “Broadband Light.” A series of BBL FotoFacials can help correct the superficial browns (sunspots and hyperpigmentation), diffuse redness, and small blood vessels (telangiectasia). BBL treatments also decrease pore size and improve the texture of the skin over time, creating a more youthful complexion.

Halo is a laser treatment that powerfully targets and corrects more profound sun damage and pigmentation issues. Additionally, Halo is the powerhouse treatment for improving skin texture, fine lines, and pore size. The ultimate result of Halo treatments is the “Halo Glow.” For some, Halo treatments can turn back the clock by years.

Both BBL and Halo – in slightly different, but complementary ways – have the capability to correct the skin characteristics that come with aging and sun exposure. They can help you regain beautiful, healthy, youthful-looking skin.

Why Treat Uneven Skin Tones During Cooler Weather?

BBL and Halo sessions cannot be performed on skin that has had sun exposure in the 3-4 weeks preceding treatment. For this reason, the fall/winter/early spring seasons are a very popular time to schedule these treatments.

You can rejuvenate your skin, correct uneven skin tones and discoloration, and improve your skin’s overall health and appearance all before summer. And don’t forget to talk to our staff about a Dermacare membership. Every summer your skin is exposed to the sun. Why not make correcting the damage a regular routine? Not only will it benefit your skin’s appearance, but it will also help your skin remain healthy and youthful. Contact us today to learn about the membership programs available and how our medical experts can help keep your skin look and feel its absolute best all year long!

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Leon Garber, CEO

Written By Leon Garber, CEO

Leon Garber, CEO
Leon Garber is the President and CEO of Dermacare of Hampton Roads. He has over 11 years of experience in the industry. Dermacare is focused on providing great outcomes for our patients through top notch providers and concierge level service.
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