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Top 9 Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to shower your mom with some well-deserved love and a gift (or two). But picking out a gift that says “Today is all about you” can be hard! So we’ve rounded up our Top 9 Mother’s Day Gifts for all the mamas in your life (dog moms included, of course).

Gift #1: Botox

Of course your mom is lovely and amazing, but that doesn’t mean she’s not interested in looking refreshed after all these years dealing with you! (Just kidding!) Also did you know that Botox can do more than reduce forehead lines and crow’s feet? It can help with headaches, asymmetrical brows, a crooked nose, gummy smiles (when you smile and see too much gum line above your teeth), jaw tension, those bands of skin running down your neck, and so much more. Of course, Botox is widely known for treating wrinkles. And when injected early on, it can actually help prevent them altogether—so the earlier you get Botox, the better.    So whether your mom has wrinkles, wants to look a little refreshed for her big day, or she simply wants to prevent lines from forming, consider getting her a Botox gift card!

Gift #2: Filler

Here at Dermacare HR, we offer a variety of Allergan brand fillers including: Voluma, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Juvederm Ultra, Vollure, and Volbella. Each is different in how it lifts, its lifting capacity, solubility, and cohesiveness, which is why our team takes great care in choosing which filler is right for our patients based on their goals. We’re also incredibly mindful to make sure we deliver what a patient asks for. (So if natural, augmented lips is what you want, that’s what you’ll get! If bigger, voluptuous, more done-up lips are what you’re looking for, we can make that happen too.)   Whether mom wants to treat her lips, cheeks, chin, jawline, or other fine lines and wrinkles that may be bothering her, our providers can help her pinpoint her individual needs and then design a treatment plan. So go ahead and get your mom a gift card for filler and make this the best Mother’s Day gift ever!

Gift #3: Signature Facial

You won’t find this kind of facial at a regular spa. This individualized treatment caters to your mom’s specific skin care concerns. Whether it’s acne, dull skin, or anti-aging—we can customize this facial just for her. Our medical-grade facial which starts with a deep cleansing, is then followed by extractions (if needed), and is finally completed with a customized application of serums to achieve perfectly-balanced skin.   Score points with this gift for mom this Mother’s Day and finally solidify your place as her favorite kid.

Gift #4: DermaSweep (Microdermabrasion)

One of our most popular treatments, microdermabrasion has zero downtime, promotes skin health, boosts collagen, and provides an amazing exfoliation. DermaSweep addresses concerns such as: hyperpigmentation, aging skin, laxity, fine lines, acneic skin, rough, uneven skin texture, and dry, dehydrated, or sensitive skin.   If you don’t know what to get your mom this Mother’s Day, this is it!

Gift #5: Salt Facial Bundle

Treat mom to this premium aesthetic treatment. Also, it’s on special this month (May 2021). Our 3-In-1 Salt Facial combines microdermabrasion with salt crystals, a light chemical peel application driven deeper into the skin with ultrasound, and an LED light treatment customized to help with redness, stimulate collagen, or kill bacteria that causes acne. Mom will leave the office looking smooth and radiant, and she will see peak results 48 hours later.    PS: This treatment is great for acneic skin as the salt, the chemical, and the LED lights are all antibacterial.

Gift #6: Vivace RF Microneedling

If reducing or eliminating wrinkles, crepey skin, pore size, acne scars, or stretch marks has been on your mom’s wish list for quite some time, Vivace RF Microneedling is for her. This treatment can help her achieve gorgeous, glowing skin. It’s the newest revolution in minimally-invasive tightening and contouring for the face, neck, and body.    This treatment is also on special for the month of May 2021! So what are you waiting for? Buy your mom a gift card!

Gift #7: Laser CoolPeel

Laser CoolPeel is a new kind of CO2 laser treatment that is great for softening fine lines, improving skin texture, reducing browns spots, and minimizing pores. The best part of this treatment is that it doesn’t come with the downtime of most other laser treatments! So if your mom is a busy lady, this is the perfect treatment to help her look younger without taking up all of her time.   Laser CoolPeel is also on special for the entire month (May 2021). Show your mom some love this Mother’s Day by getting her a Laser CoolPeel treatment!

Gift #8: DefenAge

So maybe your mom isn’t the treatment type, or maybe your mom lives out of state and you have to wait for her to visit before treating her to a service at DermacareHR. We’ve got you covered with DefenAge.    DefenAge is an anti-aging focused, evidence-based skincare brand that compliments everything we do here at Dermacare HR. These revolutionary products promote cellular turnover, stimulate the production of brand new skin cells, and help with tightening, pigmentation, pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. It’s a simple kit with big, lasting impacts on anti-aging.   Call us, and we’ll help you decide which DefenAge set will be best for your mom. Then you can pay over the phone and either pick it up or have us ship it directly to her for you!

Gift #9: Dermacare Membership

If you’ve made it this far and haven’t found the perfect gift for your mom—because how the heck do you even choose?—then maybe what your mom really needs is a Dermacare Membership Plan   With four different plans to choose from, a Dermacare HR Membership is the Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving. Trust us when we say she’ll appreciate these self-care days more than you know! Our members enjoy monthly aesthetic services and laser treatments, in addition to discounts on injectables, packages, and our medical-grade skincare products. It’s a steal—trust us!    The plans we offer are: 
  • Dermacare Difference Basic
  • Dermacare Difference Forever Young
  • Dermacare Difference Platinum
  • Dermacare Difference Acne
  Each plan has something for everyone. To make it easy, we put together this helpful membership comparison chart so you can see which plan would be best for your mom.    We hope that you’ve found the perfect gift for mom this Mother’s Day! If you have any questions, or you’re struggling on which service to pick, give us a call at 757-330-5802. We’ll be more than happy to help guide you.

How to Tighten Saggy, Loose Skin

If you suffer from saggy, loose skin, you’re not alone. Whether it’s on your face or body, loose skin can put a real dent in your confidence. At Dermacare, we don’t have a magic wand to stop the clock on the aging process… but we have the next best things: the Exilis Ultra and BBL SkinTyte.   If you read our previous blog on body contouring, you’re already familiar with Exilis Ultra’s fat melting abilities. But did you know it is also a non-surgical, pain-free way to reduce loose, saggy skin and restore a smoother, more youthful appearance with no downtime? Yep! And it’s not our only method to tighten the skin. So whether you’re seeking out ways to prevent skin laxity before it happens, or you’re looking to correct already-saggy skin, we can help.   At Dermacare, the two main treatments available to help tighten your skin are Exilis Ultra and BBL SkinTyte. Both offer lasting results, and our Dermacare Experts take great care and consideration in determining which would be best for your specific skin concerns. (To be fair, Vivace is another treatment where you might get superficial skin tightening, but if skin laxity is a problem Exilis Ultra and BBL SkinTyte are the options to treat!)  

Exilis Ultra v. BBL SkinTyte

  Exilis Ultra tightens skin through the use of radiofrequency and ultrasound waves that heat up the skin and promote collagen and elastin production (the proteins that are the “fill” and “tightness” of your skin). BBL SkinTyte uses BroadBand Light technology to tighten the skin and promote both collagen and elastin.    Both treatments are non-invasive and have zero down time. Each can also be customized to your needs and focused directly on the areas you want to improve upon. Exilis Ultra is able to be used across the entire body to tighten skin in areas such as hands and feet, inner and outer thighs, neck, chin/chin straps/jawline, under and around the eyes, and the forehead. Similarly, BBL SkinTyte can be used on any area of the body where firmer skin is desired. Popular areas include the face, neck, abdomen, and arms.    Another area where Exilis Ultra or BBL SkinTyte can be performed is in intimate areas. Either modality can be used to tighten labia skin that has gone lax over the years. Tightening skin in this area can help increase female pleasure and heighten sexual function. Most of our patients who opt for the Exilis Intimate or BBL diVaTyte treatment in intimate areas have it in combination with diVa Therapy, which can help with vaginal dryness, strengthening the pelvic floor, and improving inner wall tightness. (For more, check out the diVa Laser Vaginal Therapy page.)   Overall, Exilis Ultra tends to deliver very consistent and robust skin tightening results in the majority of our patients. But because every patient is different (and responds differently to treatments) we recommend booking a consultation with one of our Dermacare Experts so that we can go over your needs and goals and design a treatment plan that’s best for you.   Now that we’ve covered treatments for sagging, loose skin, let’s go through the most common questions we get! 

How long will my treatment take?

Treatment times for tightening loose skin all depend on the treatment type and the areas being treated. It could take as little as 30 minutes or over an hour. We recommend asking your Dermacare Expert how much time your appointments will take. 

How many treatments will I need to achieve my desired results?

Exilis Ultra – For treating skin laxity (loose skin) on face, neck, or body, the recommended number of treatments is between 3 to 4 sessions.   BBL SkinTyte – We offer this treatment in packages of 5.

Will the treatment be painful or uncomfortable?

Both Exilis Ultra and BBL SkinTyte feel about the same. Most of our patients describe the sensation of these therapies as being comparable to that of a pain-free, hot stone massage.

Is there anything I should do prior to my treatment?

Exilis Ultra – Drink lots of water! Radiofrequency travels best through hydrated skin, so pump up that water intake 3 days before and up to your treatment.   BBL SkinTyte – You can’t have a sunburn or any significant amount of sun exposure prior to receiving this treatment.   

What should I know after my treatment is complete?

For both Exilis Ultra and BBL SkinTyte there is no special aftercare required. However, it’s good to remember that periodic maintenance treatments will be required in order to stay ahead of the ever-present aging process.   For more information, call us at 757-330-5798 or click here to book a virtual consultation!

The Skinny On Body Sculpting: Fat “Freezing” and Fat “Melting”

It’s no secret that diet and exercise methods that once worked in our twenties may not garner the same results as we get older. Stubborn pockets of fat (that seem to come out of nowhere!) have led many of us to start searching terms like “body sculpting near me” or “does fat melting really work?” If you’ve found yourself going down this particular internet wormhole, then this blog is for you! We’ve put together everything you’ll ever need to know about non-surgical body sculpting treatments.

What is fat melting and fat freezing?

Fat melting and fat freezing are forms of body contouring. Depending on the technology used, you can have fat removed from almost any part of your body. Unlike cosmetic surgery procedures such as liposuction, the fat melting and fat freezing options we have at Dermacare are non-invasive, pain-free treatments that can be done without any anesthesia and have little to no downtime. So, how exactly can we “melt” or “freeze” fat? At Dermacare, we achieve this by using either Exilis Ultra or CoolSculpting.

Exilis Ultra v. CoolSculpting

Both Exilis Ultra and CoolSculpting are body contouring treatments that get rid of fat on various areas of the body. But there are key differences between the two. CoolSculpting is a fat freezing method of body contouring. With this technique, fatty tissue is brought down to a cold temperature wherein the fat cells crystallize. This damages the fat cells and initiates apoptosis (cell death). Once the fat cells are dead, the body flushes them out, and it’s goodbye and good riddance forever.  Exilis Ultra is our fat melting method of body contouring. This method uses radiofrequency and ultrasound energies to heat the cells up enough to trigger apoptosis (a.k.a. cell death). Once the fat cells are dead, the body flushes them out. Another difference between Exilis and Coolsculpting is that CoolSculpting freezes fat through applicators applied to the skin. These applicators can generally debulk distinct bulges of fat very efficiently, meaning you can potentially get rid of more fat in one sitting. This makes CoolSculpting great for getting rid of fat on large areas of the body such as the stomach, torso, thighs, and arms.  In comparison, Exilis Ultra utilizes a wand (and not applicators) to melt fat. This makes the technology more nimble and able to contour and sculpt areas of the body where CoolSculpting applicators can’t fit or be applied—so areas such as hands, feet, ankles, inner and outer thighs, neck, chin straps/jawline, etc. At Dermacare, we assess each patient’s needs carefully then recommend the course of treatment that will help them achieve their goals. Sometimes this means starting with CoolSculpting and then following with Exilis Ultra to contour any smaller areas that CoolSculpting couldn’t reach. Sometimes it means just CoolSculpting or just Exilis Ultra. It all depends! Fun Fact: Exilis Ultra can melt away stubborn fat AND tighten up loose skin. So if you struggle with both, our experts may recommend a series of Exilis Ultra treatments for you. (We’ll touch more on Exilis Ultra’s amazing skin tightening abilities in our next blog, so stay tuned!) We hope that you now have a better idea of how we can help you get rid of stubborn body fat without the cost or downtime associated with surgical cosmetic procedures. Now we’re going to answer some of the most common questions we receive about body sculpting.

Will these body sculpting procedures work for me?

Both Exilis Ultra and CoolSculpting treatments are a safe and great way for those who desire aesthetic improvement without the cost and recovery time of surgery. That being said, both of these treatments have limitations, and there are some people who will not be good candidates. Your Dermacare Expert will be able to assess your body areas, explain more, and make personalized recommendations just for you.

How many treatments will I need?

The recommended number of body contouring treatments all depends on what you’re trying to achieve and which treatment method your Dermacare Expert recommends.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

Everyone’s body is different. But many body contouring patients will start seeing results in about 1 month, with full results about 3 months after final treatment, but it is not uncommon to see improvements up to 6 months later. 

Is there anything I need to know before my first procedure?

Exilis Ultra – Drink lots of water! Radiofrequency travels best through hydrated skin, so pump up that water intake three days prior and up until your treatment. CoolSculpting – We recommend avoiding anything known to thin the blood (such as fish-oil and ibuprofen) as they can increase the possibility of bruising.

Is either treatment painful?

Exilis Ultra – Most of our patients describe the sensation of this treatment as being comparable to that of a pain-free, hot stone massage. CoolSculpting – We don’t think so, but some patients report discomfort from how cold the applicators get. The first 3-5 minutes of a CoolSculpting cycle is the most sensitive, as your tissue is being brought down to the target temperature. For the remainder of the cycle, your tissue does not become completely numb, but the intensity of the cold is minimal. Immediately following the end of the cycle, we perform a 2-minute manual massage of the area, which either feels ticklish or a little sensitive, as your tissue warms back up and nerves reawaken. For more information, call us at 757-330-5798 or click here to book a virtual consultation!

FotoFacial: What is it? Who is it for?

The FotoFacial, performed on the BBL (which is an advanced IPL technology), is one of the top rejuvenation technologies around today that offers a no-downtime, anti-aging treatment to complement and maintain laser skin resurfacing, as well as corrects sun damage and redness. If you struggle with age spots, spider veins, acne, rosacea, uneven skin texture, or sun damage, a FotoFacial treatment can effectively treat these skin concerns in a non-invasive way with virtually no downtime. One of the best things about the FotoFacial treatment is that it can be fine-tuned for almost any skin type, enabling most people to benefit. While any area of the body can be treated, the most common areas we see patients for are the face, neck, chest, and other areas exposed to damage from the sunlight. In this post, we’re going to answer some of the most common questions when it comes to the FotoFacial treatment.

Q: Do IPL and BBL mean the same thing?
While both treatments use light technology, there are important differences between the two
  • IPL uses intense pulsed light. You have limited correction of skin pigmentation and redness because there are fewer customization options. 
  • BBL uses broadband light. We like to think of this as “Advanced IPL.” This type of treatment offers more light which can be narrowed to more specific spectrums with different filters to provide more customization for acne, redness, pigmentation, and skin revitalization. 
Q: Which FotoFacial technology does Dermacare use?
At Dermacare Hampton Roads, we use Sciton’s BBL (Broad Band Light) technology, which is an advanced IPL. 

Q: What skin conditions can the FotoFacial treat?
BBL FotoFacial can treat: freckles, age spots, spider veins, irregular pigmentation, sun damage, rosacea, redness and flushing, acne, and uneven skin texture.

Q: I have a darker skin tone, can I get a BBL FotoFacial? 
At Dermacare Hampton Roads, we like to assess each patient with a thorough consultation to learn about their skin and about their skin needs. That being said, generally, if you have darker skin tone, BBL FotoFacial may not be the best choice for you as it can sometimes result in hyperpigmentation. For people with darker skin looking to achieve some of the effects of BBL FotoFacial, we might recommend Discovery Pico laser treatments or Vivace Radiofrequency Microneedling treatments. 

Q: On average how many treatments are required to achieve the desired results?
Usually, a series of three treatments is adequate for correcting superficial brown spots and pigmentation. Redness and vascular issues may require 4-6 treatments to correct or control.  Following correction of pigmentation and redness, we recommend single Forever Young BBL treatments spaced 3-4 months apart to maintain results and to provide beautiful anti-aging effects. (Forever Young BBL treatments are very similar to BBL FotoFacials, with just minimal correction of pigmentation needed.)

Q: Will I have to undergo any type of anesthesia for the treatment? Will there be any downtime afterward?
Generally, there is no need for even a topical anesthetic, and in most cases, you are able to apply makeup and continue on with your daily activities immediately after treatment.

Q: How long does each individual treatment session last?
A true comprehensive BBL FotoFacial calls for multiple passes over the skin with different filters in order to target different chromophores and issues with the skin. As such, our FotoFacials normally take a solid 40-45 minutes to perform.

Q: What does aftercare look like? Will I experience any redness or irritation?
We may recommend skincare products, especially a good sunscreen, as you will be sensitive to ultraviolet light and should avoid direct sun exposure for a few days until any pinkness has resolved. During the actual procedure, you may briefly feel a warm or “rubber band snap” sensation as the light is absorbed by the targeted areas. Afterward, you may experience some minor redness that should resolve within a few hours to a day or so. For superficial pigmented lesions, you will see a darkening or “peppering” of the spots, followed by fading and sloughing within several days.

Q: How long does it take to see results from the FotoFacial?
Most patients see more immediate correction of superficial sun spots, often even after the first treatment, as they tend to pepper and slough off within several days. The pigmentation of deeper sunspots gets “broken up” by the BBL energy and then gets reabsorbed by your skin over a period of weeks. Redness and vascular issues may take a few treatments before improvements are seen. Individual results can vary according to your skin condition and the number of treatments recommended.

Q: What can I expect my skin to look and feel like after the series of FotoFacial treatments are fully completed?
Your treated skin will feel smoother; fine lines and pores will be less noticeable; and sunspots, uneven pigmentation, and redness will be faded.

Q: Exactly how does the FotoFacial work?
The light energy delivered by the BBL will be absorbed preferentially by the different targeted chromophores or colors in the skin. The heat absorbed by the targeted areas will stimulate your skin cells to purge pigmentation, decrease vasculature and redness, and stimulate new collagen production. Additionally, it has been proven in a published, scientific study that treating the skin with BBL energy actually changes the gene expression of your skin cells, encouraging your cells to express or act more like 20-year-old cells! This is where the anti-aging effects of the BBL technology is fully realized.

Q: Do I need to come to my appointment with all makeup removed? Anything else I should know prior to my treatment?
It is important for your sunscreen and makeup to be fully removed prior to each BBL treatment. We will help you remove it if you are coming to your appointment from work or your daily activities with sunscreen and/or makeup applied. During your appointment, the expert who performs your procedure will be wearing a mask for the safety of all parties involved.

If you have any questions about the BBL FotoFacial treatment,
please give our office a call at (757) 330-5802, or
set up a FREE consultation here. 

Preparing for Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

What to expect when getting laser hair removal

Everyone’s skin is unique. We do a thorough consultation to assess your needs, skin and hair type, concerns, and to evaluate the area you want to have lasered. This all helps us determine the best treatment plan for you.

What to expect at your laser hair removal appointment

When you arrive at your appointment, we will first do a test patch with the laser (in an inconspicuous spot) to see if you have any negative reaction. If you do, it can be addressed immediately before moving on. If you don’t have a negative reaction, we’ll move onto the treatment area.  Laser hair removal tends to be pretty quick, with treatments running around 15-60 minutes, depending on the size of the area. And with our Motus laser, it’s also relatively painless! Don’t believe us? Take it from this happy client, Kristina.


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However, we also understand that every patient is different. So if you’re more sensitive than most, we want you to know that we always keep a topical numbing cream on hand, which can greatly reduce discomfort. We can also prescribe hydrocortisone to reduce inflammation and discomfort post treatment, although this is very rarely ever necessary.

After your appointment

For a couple hours to a few days afterwards, expect to see a bit of raised skin or pinkness. You may also notice little black specs, which is the dead hair exiting your follicles. Take that, wayward hair!

Stay cool. Laser hair removal involves heat from the lasers, so it’s best to keep your skin nice and cool for several days after treatment as needed. Put the AC on in the car, take a cool shower, or apply cooling packs if you need them. Of course, you could also just avoid heat.

Stay out of the sun. This advice can be especially important to anyone with a darker skin tone. Hyperpigmentation can occur, so avoiding the sun in the first 2 weeks after your treatment is important. If any hyperpigmentation were to occur, your medical team at Dermacare would happily and expertly minimize the effects.

Don’t workout. If you’re a workout fiend, this is your chance to take a break. According to Cosmo, working out within 24 hours of getting laser hair removal treatment is a big no-no because it will make your skin warmer. Warmer skin can make you more prone to unwanted side effects such as hyper- or hypopigmentation.

Let your skin breath. If you’ve gotten part of your face lasered, we recommend staying away from harsh treatments and beauty products for 1-2 weeks. The SaltFacial Skin Renewal Therapy™ you’ve been dying to try? Put it on hold for a few weeks. Your skin will thank you.

Are you ready to be happily hair-free in time for swimsuit season and summer date nights? Request a free consultation here (or call us at 757-317-3748), and we’ll get your Laser Hair Removal appointment on the books! We can’t wait to meet the new you!

What To Expect After Your HALO Treatment

To be honest, HALO does have a little bit of downtime. It is not bad though—promise! We like to think of it as the kind of treatment that is best scheduled on a Thursday or Friday. You are probably not going to want to be out and about the first two days after treatment, so we recommend scheduling a much-needed long weekend. That way you are out of office while your skin is recuperating.

  • Right after treatment your face will feel warm
  • For the next couple days, the skin in the treatment area is a nice, bright pink
  • Around day 3 or 4, you start forming a thick skin layer which comes off in a few days. This sloughing can happen even quicker with vinegar dilution soaks.
  • Most people are fully sloughed and looking pretty good (just mildly pink) within a week.
  • You look good a week or so after HALO, but even better a month later. Then results get even better than that 3-6 months after, due to the collagen stimulation.

Here’s a video of how your face will feel right after treatment by an actual Dermacare patient!

It’s nothing too crazy! Feels a little spicy like a sunburn. But man, there’s an adrenaline rush!

What you should know about HALO laser treatments

We at Dermacare HR are your local skincare specialists and have a few things we want you to know about your HALO treatment.

The treatment itself is just under 2 hours total with;

  • 60 minutes of topical numbing time
  • 40 minutes of treatment time
  • 10 minutes for cooling

Recovery can feel like a sunburn for a few short days, so many patients enjoy sitting near an AC unit or a fan.

However, if you’ve had other laser facial treatments in the past, prepare for your most comfortable treatment yet!


“I’ll be honest, I’m kinda blown away by the HALO treatment!”

HALO is one of our most popular treatments, and it’s now part of our ForeverYoung membership. ForeverYoung members can trade four of their regular 30-minute monthly laser treatments for the potent power of HALO.

Something we consistently hear from our patients is how once you try HALO, you’re a believer for life. Be sure to make it a “you day” for gorgeous skin for your future self. You can request a free consultation here, book your HALO Treatment appointment, or call us at 757-317-3748. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Why Now Is The Time To Get Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are no longer the lifelong decision they once were. At Dermacare of Hampton Roads, our experienced medical providers use the most advanced tattoo removal laser, the Quanta Discovery Pico+, to safely and non-invasively remove unwanted tattoos.    Right now is the best time to get laser tattoo removal so that you will be ready to show off your beautiful skin this summer.    “Honestly I didn’t think removing my tattoo was a realistic option. I was so surprised because even after one appointment, my tattoo already lightened up a lot,” said Rachael, a Laser Tattoo Removal patient at Dermacare.

What is laser tattoo removal?

Laser tattoo removal is a method of permanently removing tattoos from the skin by breaking up ink pigments in the dermis with a high-intensity light beam.    When you get a tattoo, a cluster of very fine needles puncture through the top layer of your skin, the epidermis, and deposit ink into the second and largest layer of your skin, the dermis. Tattoos may fade over time, but not significantly. The dermis does not shed and regenerate cells like the epidermis does, thus leaving ink pigments in the dermis permanently.    At Dermacare of Hampton Roads, we use our advanced Quanta Discovery Pico+ laser to non-invasively penetrate skin layers to reach the ink pigments. The ink particles absorb the light and then break into smaller fragments. These smaller ink fragments are then attacked by the body’s natural immune system, which over time causes the ink fragments to slowly disappear.   After the necessary number of sessions, the result is ultimately a complete removal of the unwanted tattoo.

Why now is the time to get laser tattoo removal

  Though our Quanta Discovery Pico+ laser works wonders on all skin types all year round, we think it is best to start your tattoo removal treatments in the cooler months. This is because your skin has had time to rest from summer sun and is usually the lightest it will be all year. Also, getting your tattoos removed in the winter will ensure you are prepared to show off your gorgeous skin when summer comes back around!   So what better time?  

What to expect during your appointment

  When you schedule your complimentary consultation, we will thoroughly discuss your desired results for the area you wish to be treated. Based on a few factors—such as type of tattoo, colors of ink, and depth of application—we will determine the right series of treatments to give you the best results.   The number of recommended treatments will vary by situation. Typically, we estimate:  
  • 6-12 treatments, spaced 6-8 weeks apart for those with professional tattoos
  • 4-5 treatments, spaced 6-8 weeks apart for those with amateur tattoos
  For the patient, the actual procedure is simple, safe, and non-invasive. The feeling of the laser is like a snap of intense heat. But if you’re still nervous—don’t be! We offer all our patients an anesthetic numbing cream just prior to treatment and beautiful chilled air during the treatment to make you as comfortable as possible.   Leave the unwanted tattoos behind, and step into summer with a fresh, new look! Call us at (757) 317-3748 or click here to request your free consultation. We can’t wait to see you!

HALO Laser Treatment – Say “HALO” to Younger Skin

Sun spots, redness, fine lines, brown spots, or pigmentation issues… whatever it is, it’s not how it used to be, and it can leave you feeling like your skin is aging faster than it should.  HALO is for those who love the sun, but don’t love sun damage. Here in Hampton Roads we love a dose of sunshine, whether we’re enjoying the beach or sitting poolside.  Today we all know to wear our sunscreen and stay in the shade – but unfortunately that can’t undo the damage caused by sun exposure from playing outside as a kid and tanning as a young adult. (In fact, 23% of all damage to our skin happens before we turn 18.)  So how do we undo that damage? Lasers. Yep, lasers. It’s our favorite way to address UV damage, reduce sun spots and fine lines, and leave patients with a glowing complexion. Here’s why you will love it just as much as we do: 
  1. Only a few days of “down time” before you see beautiful results
  2. Crazy good results that can dial back the clock as many as 3-5 years
  3. Continuous improvement for 4-6 months after treatment… because HALO reminds your skin how to do what it did in your 20s: repair itself and produce collagen.
And, we can’t leave out the most important benefit – this treatment can eliminate some of the most common precancer, actinic keratoses, that is likely to turn into non-melanoma skin cancer. 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime, so this is one of the most important benefits. (More on the research here.) 

Wait, what is the HALO Laser Treatment anyway?

HALO is the world’s first Hybrid Fractional Laser treatment designed to help restore your skin’s natural glow and younger-looking skin with less downtime than other laser treatments. Because it’s so precise, HALO can reduce – and even reverse – years of skin damage. HALO is an incredible tool combining an ablative laser with a non-ablative laser that allows us to treat sun damage, deep pigmentation, superficial texturing, fine lines, and even scars. Said Carrie Labert, Physician Assistant at Dermacare:  “Fractional lasers give beautiful results, and HALO is my absolute favorite. A week out you’ll look nice. A month out you’ll look great. And 2, 4, 6 months out you’ll look even better! HALO gives your skin a gorgeous, youthful luminosity.” The ablative laser is the equivalent of aerating a lawn, while the non-ablative laser tells your body to amp up its production of collagen and elastin, which minimizes wrinkles trying to wrangle their way to the surface. In just a week after treatment your skin is glowing like you got airbrushed in real life. (Ah, the joys of getting carded when you have kids old enough to drink!)  Results after a single HALO treatment include a decrease in sun damage and uneven skin tone, with an improvement in visible signs of aging, including: 
  1. Fine lines
  2. Reduced wrinkles
  3. Smaller pores 
  4. Smoothed texture
  5. Firmer skin  

How to See if HALO is Right for You

If you have any of the following skin concerns, then HALO may be a good fit for you:
  • A good number of sun spots 
  • Sun-induced freckling
  • Dull or crepey texture
  • Some fine lines
If you’re still not sure, you can schedule a free virtual consultation. Simply fill out our 30-second telehealth consultation form, and one of our Patient Coordinators will follow up with you to schedule your telehealth video appointment.

Prepping for a HALO treatment

How do you prep for a HALO laser treatment? Be easy on your face. You want your skin to be in the best shape possible before coming in for this treatment, which means soothing it with moisturizer and sunscreen and skipping out on exfoliation or facial peels. We love to help you prepare with a light chemical peel, SaltFacial or BBL FotoFacial treatment 2 weeks before HALO.   We recommend – 
  • Avoid ALL significant sun exposure within the 3 weeks prior to your treatment (significant exposure within the 3 weeks before treatment may make you temporarily ineligible for the treatment)
  • Using sunscreen every time you leave the house
  • Applying your deepest lotion twice a day for 30 days prior to your treatment
Ready to Glow?  HALO Hybrid Fractional Laser treatment is one of our most popular services and is now part of our ForeverYoung membership. ForeverYoung members can trade four of their regular laser treatments for the potent power of HALO.  Something we consistently hear from our patients is how once you try HALO, you’re a believer for life. Be sure to make it a yearly “you day” for gorgeous skin for your future self. You can request a free consultation here, book your HALO Treatment appointment, or call us at 757-317-3748. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair with Laser Hair Removal

If you’re sick of shaving, plucking, and/or waxing your unwanted body hair, laser hair removal is the treatment for you.

So what is laser hair removal? 

Laser hair removal is the process of using a laser or a light-based device to target hair follicles at the root and stop them from producing hair.     In a very action-movie way, the laser locates hair follicles, then hits them with a burst of light that heats them up and causes them to die. Once the follicle is dead, it is less able to produce any more unwanted hair over the long-term.    The hair that’s left in the follicle falls out, and the result is skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom. It’s not permanent, but it is a very long-term solution. Some patients go year without needing a touch up. 

Who is laser hair removal for?

Laser hair removal is for anyone who hates spending time shaving, waxing, or plucking. Basically, if you’re tired of having hair in places you don’t want it, laser hair removal is for you!   Laser hair removal works best on hair that has some pigment to it. This is because the laser can better discern between hair and skin by hitting the spot with the highest pigmentation (usually the hair follicle). 

Where can I get lasered? 

The most common areas for women to get laser hair removal are the underarms, lower legs, and the bikini region. Laser hair removal is perfect for women who experience razor burn and ingrown hairs. Here at DermacareHR we offer laser hair removal treatments on:  
  • Bikini line (bikini line, full bikini, brazilian bikini)
  • Underarms
  • Upper lip
  • Lower legs
  • Upper legs
  • Arms
  • Upper back 
  If you don’t see the area you’d like to have treated, don’t worry! Book a free Telehealth consultation, and one of our providers will be able to tell you if your unwanted body hair is in a spot where it can be lasered away.

What if I have darker skin? 

With the right laser, laser hair removal can work on all skin tones. So whether your skin is dark or light, we have a laser that will work for you.   It used to be that lasers worked only on light skin with dark hair—the contrast making it easy for the laser to find and treat the unwanted hair. But with advances in technology, we can treat all skin types.   At Dermacare, we’re committed to serving every member of our community. Therefore, we not only strive to invest in the latest technologies, but also in technologies that allow us to provide safe and effective treatments for all guests who walk through our door.   We offer three different laser hair removal methods that cover all skin pigmentations.   
  1. BBL (Broadband Light) – Though not technically a laser, this device works best on lighter skin tones.
  2. 1064nm YAG –  This laser works best on darker skin tones, easily identifying and eliminating the unwanted hair.
  3. MotusAX – This is our newest laser, and it specializes in all skin types—from the darkest of skin to lightest. 
  If you have sensitive skin, you may have wondered if laser hair removal would ever be a fit for you. This is where the MotusAX comes into play. It gets the bragging rights for being the most comfortable. It’s unlike anything else on the market because it lets heat build up in the follicle, while the surrounding tissue stays cool.   

When is the best time to get laser hair removal?

The best time to get laser hair removal is whenever you want! The only things to consider when planning your appointment are:  
  • You should have no recent sun exposure to the treatment area.
  • The unwanted hair must have some pigment to it. (At this time, there are no lasers that can detect very fine blond hair or white hair.)
  • If you wax, pluck, or use a chemical depilatory (like Nair), you have to wait for at least 3 weeks after to get laser hair removal.
  All that we ask is that you shave the treatment area before each of your appointments!    That being said, if you’re looking to have a flawless bikini line by summer, we think it’s best to start early. Laser hair removal is usually a series of 5-8 treatments spaced about 4-6 weeks apart (depending on which laser is being used and which part of the body is being treated). If you’re interested in finding out if laser hair removal is right for you or you’re ready to book your appointment, call us at 757-317-3748 or schedule your free online consultation here!
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Is Microdermabrasion a Good Treatment for Wrinkles?

As we grow older, our skin can begin to show our age. It can even make us look older than we are. While growing older is most certainly a privilege, wearing fine lines and wrinkles as a visible trophy is optional thanks to advances in wrinkle prevention.

Wrinkle Prevention and Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is an aesthetic treatment. It is used to stimulate the growth of fresh, healthy, vibrant skin by removing the outermost layer of the skin. It works in the upper dermis and stratus corneum, not in the deep dermis. Think of microdermabrasion as a medical-grade exfoliant. Through carefully administered abrasion and suction, it offers a simple, speedy, and painless cosmetic treatment with minimal risk and no downtime. It can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as early sun damage and mild acne scarring. But it is limited and can only address mild skin issues. Microdermabrasion will do little for deep wrinkles. These are better reduced in appearance with the use of technologies like Halo (a laser treatment) and Vivace (a microneedling treatment). Fine lines and wrinkles that have not become static or deep can also be addressed with Botox and dermal fillers, such as Juvederm.

What’s Best for You?

Well, that is the question! Your skin is as unique as you, which is why those one-size-fits-all over-the-counter pharmacy products have probably been a letdown. Pinpointing the right wrinkle prevention treatment (or combination of treatments) for you starts with creating your personal skin profile. During your free in-person consultation with us, we will conduct a computerized 3D skin analysis. This is a $150 value that all new patients can receive for free. Why? Because customizing our treatment options to your unique needs and skin is our focus and passion. Your consultation and skin analysis create the strongest possible foundation from which we can customize a plan to achieve your desired results. Are you ready to give your skin the TLC it deserves? Let us “upgrade” your “age trophy” by leaving people to wonder if you have amazing anti-aging genes.
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