Achieving Great Skin with Christy Keane

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Achieving Great Skin with Christy Keane


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If you keep up with us on Instagram, then you’ll know that last year we spent some time with one our faves, Christy Keane! Christy Keane is a blogger, influencer (@ChristyKeaneCan on the Gram!), mom of three—and this past year she was one of our Dermacare patients! Over the course of 8 months, we helped Christy decrease fine lines and wrinkles and improve her overall skin texture. 

Today, we’re covering all the details on what services Christy received, her results, and how you can achieve great skin, too!

You deserve great skin.

Your 30s can be hectic with responsibilities, personal goals, and many inevitable twists and turns. It’s normal to feel like you don’t have enough energy to focus on yourself as the busy days start to blend. This was precisely how Christy was beginning to feel. As she was hitting her mid-30s, she knew it was time to really focus on her beauty and skin. 

That’s when she reached out to the DermacareHR team, and together, we mapped out a plan.

Identify your skin goals.

When Christy set up her free consultation with a Dermacare Expert, she showed up with one goal – to look youthful and refreshed. This may seem like a broad objective, but it’s actually a great starting place! We asked Christy questions to get to the heart of what she considers “youthful” and “refreshed” to look like. 

We were delighted to curate a personalized plan to help her reach her goals!

Follow your personalized treatment plan.

Once we had a treatment plan for Christy, it was time to execute! Everyone’s treatment plan will be different as we all have different beauty goals, different skin challenges, and different budgets. Christy, over the course of 8 months, received five syringes of filler, 192 units of Botox, two facials, two light chemical peels, and one dermaplaning treatment.

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Our injector Trisha started Christy off by treating her with Botox in her forehead, bunny lines, crow’s feet, under eyes, chin, and the glabella (the furrow between the brows which is sometimes called the “11s”). 

Trisha also treated Christy with filler in her chin, jawline, and cheeks to help restore lost volume, add definition, and balance her face. After her first treatment, Christy shared on her Instagram Stories that the pain level she experienced was only 1 out of 10! 

Next, we set up regular aesthetic appointments, scheduled several weeks apart, to continue improving Christy’s skin overall. Our plan included two light chemical peels, two facials, and one dermaplaning treatment to help with skin texture and fine lines. 

The first light chemical peel was Christy’s first with us, so we took it slow to see how she and her skin reacted. Christy had very little discomfort and great results, so we were able to increase the strength of the peel during her second treatment to get her even better results!

Christy also received a Salt Facial (which she always says makes her feel like a celebrity!) and dermaplaning treatment with a Master Aesthetician. Both yielded really great results! 

The Salt Facial was chosen for Christy to help exfoliate dead skin cells (to reveal youthful skin beneath!) and replenish lost nutrients. Our Salt Facial also helped to rejuvenate her skin by promoting collagen production and reducing redness, inflammation, and unwanted pigmentation. We also strategically scheduled Christy’s facial appointments for the summer months so they could help address common summer skin issues such as acne, sunscreen-clogged pores, scaly/dry patches (from ocean or pool water), and excess oil from sweat and heat.

For similar reasons, Christy’s dermaplaning treatment was scheduled for late summer. Dermaplaning was used to gently remove the outermost layer of skin on Christy’s face to reveal the more youthful skin beneath. It also helped to get rid of any lingering dirt and debris from the summer while keeping Christy’s complexion glowing! Dermaplaning also removed the vellus hairs from Christy’s face, which resulted in skin that better reflected light and allowed for a smoother makeup application!

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It’s incredible what a few months of making your skin a priority can do! As you can see in the photos throughout this blog, the before and after results are just stunning. We’re so happy that we could help Christy achieve great skin and an amazing, more youthful appearance!

Would you like to achieve great skin? We would love to help! You can start your journey by scheduling a free consultation or by calling us at 757-330-5802 to reserve your appointment with our team. Let’s make your 2023 Skin Plan together!

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Leon Garber, CEO

Written By Leon Garber, CEO

Leon Garber, CEO
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