A Guide to Coolsculpting Cost

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A Guide to Coolsculpting Cost

Shedding stubborn, exercise and diet-resistant fat can be achieved with Coolsculpting. This fat-freezing procedure is FDA-cleared, non-surgical, and non-invasive. It can help you shed unwanted fat and shape the hardest to target body areas, like the abdomen, back, and chin. But how much should you expect to invest to achieve results? In this blog, we will discuss Coolsculpting cost and pricing to help you make a smart and safe investment.

Coolsculpting Cost Basics

Just like any product or service, Coolsculpting has a cost. Keep in mind that it is an FDA-cleared procedure. It should only be administered by an appropriately qualified medical professional, which means training and expertise is required.

Coolsculpting pricing starts at around $750 per cycle per area. The price can decrease based on how many cycles you purchase. It can be as low as $500 per cycle.

If you’re a deal shopper—and let’s be honest, who isn’t—be wary of Groupon-ers with Coolsculpting offers. These are often extended by under-qualified and under- experienced providers more interested in decreasing their cost and increasing their profit.

Why Qualifications and Experience Matter

Saving money and helping a new provider gain experience isn’t a bad combo, is it? Well, it depends, and it is a gamble.

Coolsculpting works by freezing the targeted areas of unwanted fat. The freezing process encourages your body to naturally eliminate the fat pockets. The procedure can produce extraordinary results and take away the stress of toning stubborn fat—if used correctly.

Before choosing a provider, you should ask them three vital questions:

  1. How experienced are you?
  2. How many Coolsculpting cycles have you performed?
  3. Have you been to Coolsculpting University?

The answer to question #3 is perhaps the most important. Graduates of Coolsculpting University have completed a comprehensive and intensive specialty training program, ensuring they are well-qualified to administer the treatment safely and effectively. Additionally, Coolsculpting should always be overseen by a qualified clinician.

All these prerequisites contribute to Coolsculpting pricing. The bottom line is cheaper is not better, especially for your safety and results.

Coolsculpting at DermacareHR

Coolsculpting is just one of the body contouring treatments our highly qualified clinicians are experienced in using. To fully understand your body contouring goals, we offer complimentary consultations and transparency about our qualifications and cost.

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Leon Garber, CEO

Written By Leon Garber, CEO

Leon Garber, CEO
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