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When fall comes so too does a shift in priorities, activities, and clothes. The end of summer means it’ll be dark by the time you leave the office. A distinct chill will linger in the air. Before you know it, you’ll be wearing your favorite topcoat and breaking out the hats and gloves. Many men forget to adjust their skincare routine during this time of the year. Autumn weather presents a new set of challenges for your skin, which is why we’re giving you five skincare tips just for men that you can use with limited effort.

The Essentials of Men’s Fall Skincare

Your skin enters a state of transition during the fall. For many men, oil production remains steady but dead skin cells increase. It’s essential to implement the proper skincare regimen or risk the weather leaving your skin rough and uncomfortable.

Tip #1: Use Sunscreen

SPF isn’t a summer exclusive. UV rays cause damage no matter the temperature, which is why sunscreen isn’t just for summer. Sunscreen protects your skin from damaging ultraviolet exposure, which helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. So don’t stop using it just because fall is here. Instead, start using an SPF-infused moisturizer.

We can help you find the best sun protectants from SkinMedica, IMAGE Skincare, Colorescience (unique in that it is a powder with SPF), and Tizo.

Tip #2: Pick up a Great Moisturizer

Let’s get something straight; moisturizers are not just for women. Your skin is your body’s first defense against the world around you, and it faces some major challenges during the fall.

As temperatures cool, artificial heat starts blasting. The elements outdoors grow harsher. Suddenly, your skin must recalculate its moisture needs on a daily basis –particularly during the fall when temperatures and weather conditions fluctuate. If you work outside, or spend a good portion of time outside, it becomes even harder for your skin to adjust.

Over-the-counter moisturizers found at your local pharmacy can be a good solution, but medical-grade products are even better. Dermacare of Hampton Roads works with two major skincare product lines:

  1. SkinMedica
  2. IMAGE Skincare

Unlike a department store, drug store, or infomercial skincare product, these lines provide pharmaceutical-grade products that work at the cellular level to improve cell function. Instead of masking damaged skin, they work to physically improve skin health and make skincare easier and more cost-efficient over the long-term. The best part is you don’t have to try products blindly. Your complimentary Dermacare of Hampton Roads Consultation includes Emage 3-D Imaging, which enables us to see under the surface of your skin and determine which products are best for you.

Tip #3: Find a Balancing Body Wash

Finding a great moisturizer is an excellent skincare tip for men. Supplementing it with a balancing body wash is even better. After all, your skin is a reflection of all the TLC it gets.

Look for a moisturizing body wash that helps by lightly exfoliating. As dead skin cells increase during the fall, scrubbing them away helps decrease the possibility of trapping bacteria and promotes overall skin health. But there’s another option for treating dead skin cells and lingering summer skin damage that you need to consider…

Tip #4: Exfoliate

As dead skin cells increase during the cooler months, exfoliation becomes critical. While body wash and other products are capable of exfoliating, nothing replaces the precision of medical-grade exfoliates. And medical-grade doesn’t always mean harsh.

A light chemical peel is a great way to shed dead skin cells and address summer UV damage. Not only can it leave your skin feeling soft, but it can also decrease the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles while countering sun spots and uneven pigmentation.

Chemical peels are a great option for men. They’re easy to schedule and undergo with limited impact to your daily routine. The main things to keep in mind are:

  • Avoid shaving the night before a peel.
  • Avoid aftershave until peeling has stopped.
  • Use a gentle cleanser after the peel.
  • Do not rub or pick the skin as it peels.

If a peel isn’t your style, try DermaSweep MD. It’s the latest innovation in Microdermabrasion. DermaSweep gently sweeps away the dead skin layer. It’s a deeper exfoliation technique that also polishes the skin. It increases blood flow and encourages collagen formation, all of which can correct damage, reduce signs of aging, and improve overall skin health.

Tip #5: Visit Your Local MedSpa

At Dermacare of Hampton Roads, we help reserve summertime skin damage with non-invasive medical tech. We understand that no two people have the same skin, which is why we use a wide range of light and laser treatments combined with the best skincare products.

When it comes to skincare tips for men, the ultimate advice is to visit your local MedSpa. Not only are Dermacare of Hampton Roads professionals knowledgeable of the best skincare regimens and products, but they also have experience with the most cutting-edge skincare technology. It’s the kind of investment that maximizes results while minimizing the intricacies, and often cost, of your skincare regimen. What’s not to love?

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