Women’s Intimate Health Concerns

Medical Aesthetics & Your Most Intimate Challenges

Dermacare is committed to helping our patients enjoy their best possible lives, so we are thrilled to bring real, affordable solutions to some of women’s most intimate challenges. Recent advances in laser and radiofrequency technology enable our expert staff to make a true Dermacare Difference for our patients in ways previously only possible with risky surgical procedures.  If you have experienced childbirth or menopause, or have had chemotherapy or a hysterectomy, you may be living with a significant decline in vaginal health.  With Sciton’s diVa™ laser treatment along with our diVaTyte and Exilis systems, we can help significantly improve:

  • Urinary incontinence (leak urine when you laugh, cough, sneeze or exercise)
  • Vaginal dryness (need supplementary lubrication during intercourse)
  • Tissue laxity (both internal & external)
  • Pain or bleeding during intercourse
  • Your intimate CONFIDENCE!

How We Help

We provide a holistic solution to your problems anchored by the diVa™ hybrid-fractional laser and supplemented by our diVaTyte and Exilis systems, along with topical Growth Factor.

  • diVa™ by Sciton painlessly resurfaces the vaginal canal far deeper than any other system available, significantly improving laxity, lubrication, urinary incontinence and more.
  • diVaTyte & Exilis painlessly tighten the external vulva to rejuvenate and restore a more youthful appearance after childbirth and gravity have taken their toll.
  • Topical use of Growth Factor enhances the improvements brought by the diVa™ laser, extending the benefits of the treatments.

Our Providers

Carrie Labert, PA-C and Trisha O’Meara, FNP are primary care certified mid-levels, who are also among the most experienced medical aesthetic laser operators in Hampton Roads, making them uniquely qualified to provide this service to our patients.  They collaborate with each patient’s primary women’s healthcare provider as needed to ensure optimal outcomes and patient safety. Contact us today at 757-317-3748.

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